Sunday, November 30, 2014

Penang & LangKawi Trip

It is 4pm ... I m tired. Drove from Penang to Kuala Kedah ... and took a long-ferry trip. I am staying at Dayang Bay ... nice!!

Talking about Dayang, I need to remember myself to collect it ... well, it is a signal to buy Dayang as I am staying at Dayang Bay?

I met with few of my trading members. Three of them only less than 1 year in market(newbies), another is working as trader in a bank ... another old-member of mine followed me for 3 years after a year burnt in some penny-stocks(now he is brain-washed by me. haha) ... and another a very old-timer in market(since 1980s) ... and this uncle shared many of his experiences ... the ups and the downs.

I will like to write about this uncle's experiences. Wait till I m home ...

Penang Trip

I drove off quite early ... around 6am. Reaching around 11.30am and had lunch with 4 of trader-kakis.

My wife booked this place for me ... knowing that I do like to stay in OLD places, being an old-man. Hmm ... I am modern young man, actually. Haha.

It is very nice place, indeed.

This is just a part of the room ... and as it is an old 1920 house, converted into a hotel, it is very looong. Two rooms ... two bath-rooms and most of the items are ... antiques. My mom like it as it gave her the old childhood nostalgic memories.

Mosquito net ... long time no see item. Well, do whatever you wish or could imagine inside there. err ... my two babies slept there last night, while daddy have to sleep in the single bed(I was back to hotel after discussion/sharing with 3 trader-kakis at night).

Ok ... time for me to get out of the cozy nice apartment room, and to hit the nice beach. Tonight, I will be meeting few more trader-kakis from Langkawi.

Yes ... next year, I will want to travel locally more often ... taking it as family holiday trips, while meeting those members from my trading group, which have been with me for a while. I want to meet them personally, getting feedback from them and see how I could improve my stock-watch page. I do want to know if they are profiting or not ... and certainly their feedbacks will help me to serve better ... in near future, my stock-watch will be free for my old-members, while new members will be paying slightly higher fees. After few years with me, I do appreciate their support and glad to be mentor for many newbies. Yes ... many newbies appreciate my guidance too ... just like, helping them to navigate in the rough sea ...

off to sea now ..

10.45 pm : Had a nice seafood restaurant, a treat by an old-member of mine. Wish my wife is around as she will like the food ... and we were so full. A good company by a newbie trader, who has been with me for near half a year. He is a business-man ... successful one.

So, when I related stock-market as his business ... he could understand it well. Yes, do treat your trading as biz ... see it in the way we manage our biz ... and then, we could understand better WHY we need experiences ... LOGIC and lots of hard-work ... pain ... endurance ... to improve. In biz, we talk about biz-risk ... in trading, we manage our risk too.

If we are newbie, we could NOT understand how important these things are.

I will want to write about linking trading as a business, as that is how I view it. Majority normal human could not understand about building knowledge, experiences and grow ... most in market want an instant short term profits --- without knowledge and such.

a nice trip and nice talking to experienced traders, so far. A good sharing and learning ...


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