Sunday, November 02, 2014

Market Divergence

Rising wedge and divergence.

Yesterday, I went to SC ... the speaker were BULLISH in stock-markets ... and so, there you are .. we are going to be in another leg of BULL RALLY. Hmm... 1900 ... hmm... 2000? Just merely 3-4 weeks ago, everyone is yelling bearish .. bear-rally ... or even crash?

We shall see if the experts predictions are right. BULL = BUY?

One interesting note I could share here is ... the speaker shown GDP- MSCI divergence!!

Gold/Silver is at low level ... CPO is recovering after Mistry talked about it. USD is going higher due to abandoned QE(Queen Elizabeth ... haha). Interest rate will stay low ... so, equity markets will be in BULLISH mode.

Prepare for new high in KLCI ... but, yes ... market SHARP correction is on the way, according to Mike.


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