Monday, November 10, 2014

Long Black

KLCI rebounded and closed green ... but that is not for many counters, going into profit taking mode...

I like long-black ... if u r coffee lover, you will know. But, how about long-black candle sticks?

SHARP ... loooong black.

BJAuto : I managed to sell half at 2.55(peak) last Friday while many of them sold 2.52-2.55. But, I kept half ... and failed to clear today .... as it dived to RM3.25. So ... what is next? Sell off our Mazda and buy the stock?

DRBHcom : After the hanging-man where we sold, it came down back to below RM2 level ... 1.96 is the current low... watching.

Jaks : Didn't really follow this stock ... but it dived 10% today. WHY?

MMSV : Considering a lucky trade when I sold at 68cents closing price last Friday for my day-trade. Today closed at 61cents. Those chased this morning will be trapped. That is a bearish-engulfing.

Supermax : What a sell-down ... simply because profit down? Really being punished. No more Ebola?

THHeavy : Saw the gap-down and hitting low 52 ...

Will check on these long-black ... perhaps need some creamer?

Time for dinner ...


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