Monday, November 17, 2014

Handling criticism

#1 : Do not focus in criticism. Focus in our own goals.

#2 : Take criticism as compliment.

#3 : Take criticism constructively.

#4 : Critics are in fear and feel threatened.

#5 : Leaders are visionary. Critics are not.

I have been learning about "criticism" and how I should handle these baseless criticism. So, I will move away from these BAD humans as they cant be successful in whatever they are doing, unless they are your best partners who want you to improve. Then, I will see it constructively ... and see my weaknesses, in the form of step-stone to improve.

Yes, people feel so threatened ... and lead them to criticism someone who are doing better than them. The inferior complexity in them ... pulsing them to criticize without concrete solution or points. These are everywhere ... as if my writings is being read by few hundreds out there, I m definite we have bad-red-eye human will criticize us. Do not go down to their level ... focus in our own goal(whatever it is).

In trading, as in lives ... we do not need negativity in our mind. We need to generate good energy(chi/vibes) for us to carry on our tasks ... and putting things in place. It is seeing opportunity in every aspects and move on if we have failed ... picking up our mistakes and use them constructively.

Last night, I had an e-meeting. I talked about how DIFFICULT trading is ... and if ANYONE telling us how EASY it is, they are lying. They want to sell you something. And they know you are a greedy lots being in stock-markets. While statistics showing 80% losers out there, losers cant be right. So ... as trading is difficult, that doesn't mean we need to know 20 financial ratios or 20 technical indicators to trade. It is ALL in our mind. Those selling you ratios or indicators may have something in them that they want you to believe. Unfortunately, I do not believe in such ...

I believe in hardwork. Things we do in daily basis. I believe we need PASSION and putting our commitment in whatever we want to excel in. If it is easy, it certainly cant be good ... or consistent. That is the way nature is telling us the LOGIC ...

Learning from mistakes ... I shared that too, many of my silly mistakes making me to understand how difficult trading could be ... as we are just very human to err.

And I made a conclusion for my audience ... DO NOT think of being a trader if you do not have passion for it, staying positive to survive and used your time effectively to learn to be a better trader ... and a better person, as a whole.

GOOD MORNING ... it is Monday.

Stop criticizing and complaining. Do something about yourself. See the POSITIVENESS in anyone and anything. We can change ourselves. I have decided to changed myself 10 years ago ... and it have changed my life.

Remember ... we can UBAH if we want ... as we are in control of ourselves. If one is still sticking with negative humans(they are everywhere, unfortunately) ... we cant move higher as when we are doing better than them, we will start to criticize us to bring us down to their level.

Get out of the negative people, environment is one of the first step you could safe-guard your precious MIND. Çoz ... if you started BAD habits these losers have ... it will be difficult to get out of the situation ...

GOOD MORNING ... and have a nice day!

Note : I will have next e-meeting this Wednesday night, talking about Trading Mistakes : The 7 stocks we should not be trading if we are newbies.


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