Saturday, November 22, 2014

Do not quote me, please

DOW is hitting new high ... and KLCI dropping? Why is there an inverse correlation here? Could it be due to the fear of 1MDB? Hmm ...

I have sold many ... and keeping to cash. The risk of profiting ... that we have to fore-go, at times. It is a holiday time ... today is the last of the schooling-day.

Ok ... why am I being pulled into a conversation in i3? Why la ... hmm ...

First and foremost, I need to mention it MANY of times ... I am a LEARNER. I am a novice(from newbie level, recently). I have told everyone that knew me in person ... that I was a newbie. Due to my strict definition of sifu/guru, I am far-far away from that respectable level. So, please do not quote me ... and putting titles to me, ok?

I am a non-believer in sifu-worshipping. Let me share a little from those I have learnt and many good trainers, traders I knew ... bloggers and forum-kaki.

I have too many new readers(mostly from i3?) who do not even know me, or bother to read my past posts. Ok ok ... I know I am too long-winded, didn't know how to summarize la. But, at least listen me up ... read about my past and my posts. I do not delete any of my post ... I posting these spontaneously ... I do not do editing and I do not even bother if anyone reading my posts!!

It is accidental ... that I am known as a blogger? It is just happened that I like blogging and happened that I am a KLSE trader? And happened that I like teaching ... so, happened that I have followers ... to learn from me, my cheap ah-pek way of trading?

Do you get me or STILL thinking I m twisting my words?

Check my post since 2008 ... when I was naïve and NEW in stock markets, lost so much of my small initial capital? Read my posts and see how I have grown to be a better trader ... simply because I am PERSISTANCE and worked hard on my quest to be a better trader. THINK of it this way ... I am an open book for you here to WATCH me grow ... and you may take my trading journey as a STORY which might inspire you to be a trader ... or learn from my posts, indirectly? Otherwise ... think again ... you may not read any of my posts, right?

Blogger : I am a blogger since ... 15 years ago. You got me there ... I blogged about my past relationships in a Canadian page, and many caring readers share their experiences in relationship and advice me back then. I blogged about chess ... as I played online chess(yahoo) in daily basis ... I blogged about bowling when I took up the game some 15 years ago ... how I got into the games and how I improved. I can play 200 games, do you believe me?

This is a score I recently played in one of the tournament ... after 5-6 years I didn't participate in any(busy with learning to trade!!) but unfortunately, I injured my knee. You may follow my personal life-stories in my facebook as I blah-blah everyday in my FB. haha ... and yes, I do not bother if you read, like it or not. It is my personal space.

It is not easy to understand WHY am I blogging everyday, right? I used to blog WITHOUT a miss since 2008 ... but 2-3 years ago ... I could not cope up with the pace, and got myself very emotional due to the un-wanted attention thrown to me. I DO NOT need followers, ok? So, many times ... (PLEASE read my previous posts la ... I said many of times leh) I said liao ... I am just blogging for MY OWN read pleasure ... and I will appreciate it if anyone feeling offended to NOT read my posts.

I do blog about my college ...Inti College Sabah(at Putatan) ... I blogged about my kids .... and Sinaran Institute. These were days way before I m in stock market!! I blogged about my keropok-biz ... I blogged about Mathematics ... about Liverpool(Rafa Bertinez back then) ... about my Sabahan friends ... and my emotions, my struggles ... and views. Hey, that is what a NATURAL bloggers will do ... we blog because we are bloggers, ok?

I do not blog about stock-markets because I want to show I am a sifu? Err ... excuse me, you get me very wrong here? Can I put it straight? I am a blogger BEFORE I came into trading la. That is why I can have so many things to write about ... and if you allowed me to be FREE to WRITE(nowadays ... less freedom due to preying eyes, and disgusted brain twisted my words) ... I could expose many things and put it in words WHAT I think ... blog-post is the way I express myself as I am an introvert. I repeat ... I am an introvert, a person who do things by MYSELF .... and prefer to be left alone!! Again ... your brain jumping into conclusion that I am not ... by not knowing me, by not reading my previous posts ... and judging me. It is your ways of seeing me ... nothing I would change myself to be looked good in your eyes, ok? I am NOT a sales-person ... so, I do not need to polish my words, to suit my audience. Old readers might see how I am growing ... to be a better trader(one day, I will) ... but new readers, help yourself with my 2000 plus posts, ok?

So ... you see, I am a blogger ... and I am NOT those blog to gain popularity .. so that they could do biz and be sales people, ok? I attended an internet marketing course, teaching people how to blog, why they should blog ... to PROFIT and EARN money, thru blogging?? I was like ... WHAT THE ... you mean, you don't blog for passion? What is wrong with this world la? Cannot do things because we love doing meh ... must always talk about money? But .. that is the FACT these days. People go into blogsphere simply to gain attention and profit!!

I do not even put google-adsense till a blogger(Edwin) taught me how and said I SHOULD. Haha ... but, hey ... even I do not have that, I will STILL blog, you see. Then ... some people want to put up some ads in my blog ... and I said ... no way, sorry ... this is a personal blog and I do not want to associate with any companies, ok? I want to be independent and able to blah-blah ... haha.

Ok ok ... where am I again? I am a blogger, whether u could understand WHAT a blogger do.

Teacher : I am a teacher ... I teach Math for past 25 years. I taught A-level Math, STPM ... SAM ... pre-U Math. And, yes ... I am very good in teaching Math because of PASSION. I live in-out my teaching of Math. I was passionate about Math since form 4. Again ... read my previous posts, I believe I wrote it somewhere ... repeated a few times, I think. I am not surprise if anyone could not understand PASSSSSION.

You mean, even tho you are not paid ... you will still teach? Yes ... that is how naïve and stupid I was. I was being used kaw-kaw by colleges(cant blame those principals la) as I was financially-idiot and wont even mind being used!! Haha ... how I have changed to protect myself now.

Do you know that a teacher is someone who TEACH? Think again ... someone who impart knowledge, someone who find the joy of seeing their students succeed and score? Helping those weaker students to achieve certain level ... and finding the satisfaction thru their hard labour? And lowly paid? That is a passionate and dedicated teacher!!

So ... I have to repeat it clearly here. I am a teacher .... and will ALWAYS be. I love teaching. I love Math. Hence, teaching MATH is part of me ... even for free. By the way, I do volunteer to teach in orphanages. I was with Pure-Life society(Puchong) and Ozanam(PJ) when I was teaching in Stamford(PJ) ... and yes, for free .. of coz. Do you understand JOY of seeing those kids, appreciating you? If you wish to experience that ... please contact me( ) as I am going to form a teaching-panel ... and reach for those who could not afford any tuition classes. Teach ... because you love education. Believe that education could CHANGE the kids lives ... and make a small difference in others ... by simply being a teacher!!

So ... I am a teacher ... I am a blogger. I blogged about my teaching. Natural, right? Still cant get it as there is no such human who like teaching others, even not paid? Still cant understand why a person spent hours typing and typing in an open cyberspace called BLOG? By the way, last time we don't call it a BLOG. Blog is kinda new word, fyi.


Yes ... please do not judge me from one-two posts I have written? I will sincerely apologise to anyone if I have un-intentionally offended anyone ... and please move away. I have moved away from preying eyes of i3 leh ... but someone posted me this in our chatbox.

See? sent to my FB chatbox la ... not that I want to know. I do not read those comments, anyway. Just a request(can I ask nicely?) ... DO NOT put my names in anywhere as I am not most of you said/mentioned. I never a stock-guru and I never go into i3 or even go out of i3. I am here in my BlogSpot way before i3 was there! Get me? Phew ... no need to justify why I am not a sifu, right?

Trader : I am a stock-market trader ... hmm ... how to explain this one?

Ok ... about 6 years ago ... I got myself inside a casino-liked place called KLSE ... or named BURSA. It is not accidental ... I planned ... 2 years before finally took the plunge. The year : Dec 2007. With capital RM10k that I borrowed, I started my journey when KLCI hitting new high. Err ... I do not even know what KLCI stands for back then ... not a single financial-related vocab ring inside my stupid-financial-idiotic brain. It is full with dungs ... haha ...

I started to read ... and I read a lot!! Haha .. I have to re-wire my brain, change the way I see money(money is the root of all evil ... into proverty is the root of all evil. Without money, how am I going to help myself, my family ... and those orphaned kids, ok?)

I could not really afford RM6 for The Edge (see ... u need to read my previous posts ... how excited I was every Sat 2pm, waiting for The Edge to hit Sabah) ... but, I make sure I read pages by pages ... I cant understand most of the things I read, so I needed about 4-6 hours in daily basis to READ. It was a huge struggle ... I got to know few bloggers ... Greptrader, Remnant, Jackie, Edwin ... who guided me(tho little ... I appreciated their help till today). I read blogs such as Dali, Alex Lu, Sam and few more(some have stopped).

So ... I told myself. One day ... I want to be as good as them ... as others, who know what trading is. I was naïve ... but, I never give up. I structured my own learning curve, preparing myself to be a trader in 5 years planning!! Yes ... 5 years! In the first year, 2008 ... market crashing ... was a good experience for me. I do think God has been very fair to me, to let me bite the bitterness of losing 70% of my capitals which I could not afford to lose as I borrowed. Looking back, I think any normal human would have quitted. But ... a stupid me, pulled myself from the brink of failure ... and borrowed more money(do not follow my footstep here as we could get ourselves into deep trouble!!) and market recovering so so well since 2009. Buying anything in 2009 was ... easy!! Haha ... I bought Annjoo-wb at 20cents, it went to 35cents for me to sell in weeks!! The thrill ... gosh ... that is what market could do to us ... the UP and the DOWN.

The rest is history ... I am turning myself to be a stock-trader. More books and more reading ... more resources ... and my blog gathering momentum too. I used to have 30-50 readers(serious leh) ... it grew to few k viewers per day. And one day ... i3 contacted me, asking permission to put my blog in their new portal. The admin travelled from Spore to meet me personally ... and how can I say ... no? But, I did warn him ... my blog is my personal space. I do not and will not write for i3-audience. I want to write about washing dirty laundry can I? He laughed and said ... of coz, anything!! And still appreciate my passion of teaching others about trading, investing ... err... I think he valued my REAL journey of becoming a trader. How a person .. teaching Math, know nothing about finances, getting himself passionate about trading.

Do I need to explain PASSION again?

Do I need to repeat that I am a trader? You know that, right?

Do you remember I am a blogger? So ... I will blog about my trading adventure, right? That is how the name of this blog came about leh?

And add these together : A passionate person ... liking what he is doing ... blogger ---> trader.

So, this blog is born NATURALLY leh. See?

How I started to teach trading? Do read my post FIVE years ago ... I planned to teach trading way BEFORE I know what trading is!! Read la .. I do not delete or edit.

3 years ago ... I started my cohort-1 ... I was still an anti-social kinda introvert. I get upset with my ''students'' ... but these students are adults!! I am just a passionate teacher. I want to teach basic charting, paid or not. I charged RM50 per session, for 5 sessions(5 alternative Fridays ... sacrificing my Friday night tuition class!!) ... and I have a group of 10 to start with. Do you want to know how it started?

Someone kept pestering me ... asking me to teach him trading, He was following my blog!! Do you know that even before I started teaching ... I do have few "clients" asking me to analyse some charts for them and willing to pay me for that? Hey ...I  am a teacher, do you think I could say NO to these nice people? Again ... read my previous blog ... back in Dec 2010, I think. Before IJMLand crashing down due to no-deal with MRCB regarding the Sg-Buluh development. Were you there then?

I don't know how to charge ... I charge them the rate I am charging my tuition students!! Haha ... because ... all I want is to teach la.

Wait ... before you forgot again ... I am a passionate teacher. I LOVE teaching. If you don't know or understand that, you DO NOT know me at all.

And before you forgotten ... I have to remind everyone again ... I am a trader. That is no accident ...

So, teaching trading comes NATURALLY to me. Can get it or not? You want to learn, I am so glad to teach. And I am having my cohort-14 later(now is 2am) Sat-Sun 2pm to 6pm. I am still the cheapest in town tho I have increased my fees(being said to be too cheap and cheap will be seen as not good ... I still wonder, why should I charge few thousands for?). I will want to maintain my fees ... RM800 for 8 hours. You do not need to pay thousands for few days ... to learn the indicators. I could give you the websites, resources to learn and such. Just join my free facebook group I have created, with objective to TEACH trading. By the way, I am still charging the rate I am charging my students for tuition Math ... and teaching people about trading?

Why am I cheap? Because I do not have compile notes. I do NOT believe in giving notes. One could buy books to read(ask me, I will share with u. I wont mind buying the books for those could not afford and want to learn, ok?) .. reading books is good but WONT make us a good trader. I do not use software ... as I am a non-believer of such tools. And ... yes, I am cheap because personally, I feel I am not a sifu-level, to demand high charges. I want more to learn ... LOGICAL and affordable way. I will donate some parts of my earning here ... that is what I am doing. I prefer to focus in my own tuition biz and my own learning curve ... in the quest to be a better trader.

I do have a stock-watch group, for them to see my trades and LEARN from there. Not just profit-loss, but to LEARN. See ... I told you I am a teacher, it is 2.30am and I am still blogging. See, I told you I am a blogger and get excited when I do things I love doing? Whether anyone read or not, I m doing many things FOR MYSELF. Yup, I am a selfish person!! Haha . By the way, my stock-watch is a learning page too ... and I never increase the member fees. Old members will always with old fees. Don't believe? Ask them!! I have intention to make it free for those old members, in appreciating them for being supportive ... yes, after 2-3 years with me, we should appreciate those support us ... our roots, ok? To show that, I will definitely wont increase their fees and phasing out the subscription fees ... into give whatever u wish as I am donating them to my charity-fund I am creating? Watch me ... I am moving into that direction!

Put it this way... one day, I will be teaching trading and transfer all my proceeds into my charity funds. Yes, a robinhood kinda idea ... a child in me!

Still do not believe got such blogger ... teacher ... and a trader?

I have to state again ... I am a novice. I never claim I profit a lot from trading as I am still learning. I just want to be myself ... a blogger. I want to do what I am passionate doing .. teaching. And yes, I m into trading ... will you want to join me for traders yam-char talk ... free, of coz.

And ... yes, my main biz is my tuition centers. I need to focus in expanding my biz, so I will be too busy to have my cohort trading workshop. I do not like promoting myself ... so, please leave me, ok? Do not compare me with others ... as I am unique. For sure, I am not a good promoter, not good in marketing, packaging ... sales gimmicks blah-blah ... Perhaps, one day ... I will employ someone to promote/sell me? Till then ...

I am a teacher.

Have a nice weekend.

night zzzz


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Dr Wong Fort Pin said...

Dear CP,

Came across your blog a few days ago.
Reading what you are writing.
You are such a passionate fellow, a good fella who like to teach.

One question, I wonder when the market will crash?

By the way after reading you, I follow to buy Muhibah on Friday at 2.23 because I saw the earlier 2 days low was 2.23, alas it dropped to 2.14!! waiting for Monday to come to buy lower and aim to sell 2.33. What say you?

One more Cimb , I bought 6.17, 6.06 and now 5.74!
What happened?