Thursday, November 27, 2014

Diving Stocks : DSonic and such

Morning ... feeling nice. fresh from simple walk with wife & gal.

It is earnings season ... so, those making losses being punished. Those below par(tho profit) will be battered too ... those made exceptional one-quarter profit jumping up-up and away ...

Let me check those waterfalls ... and some at new lows. Those stucked inside, I do feel sorry for the predicaments and hope we all could learn some lessons in investing(buy-hold and never have cut-loss point) and trading(with discipline and a trading system).

DSonic : Dropping 50% from the peak ... that is nothing, as we should be asking ... WHY being the darling of all stocks by moving from 23cents to RM2.30 level leh(this is adjusted chart)? You mean, RM23k becoming RM230k? Wow ... that is how we get VERY rich? What if a person bought(most retailers, anyway ... remember, 80% of them) above RM1.20 ... the trading price at the moment?

Remember : This is something ALL needs to learn about investing-trading. It is a painful lesson, if we do not know how.

DSonic-ca : Trading at 0.05 now... yes, 5cents. If you are caught at 60cents, please SCOLD yourself for being greedy without knowledge and discipline. If one bought at 30cents ... at least we are not the greatest fool(someone told me her friend STILL stuck inside!!) ... if one bought around 10cents, well ... a good punt but need to cut-loss as DSonic-ca broken 11cents level. Today ... err ... averaging down at 5cents simply TOO risky.

When DSonic was hot then, this call-warrant was VERY hot too ... many punters, gamblers-alike going for a kill. It is fools vs fools game as some operators happily playing with these greedy ones. The premium was VERY high, indeed.

The HIGH RISK of NOT knowing what we are doing ... sigh ... a price everyone of us newbies or greedy-ones need to pay, it is too painful. Ridiculous!!

How about taking the money to learn ... no, not necessary to learn from me. From others ... those sincerely wanting to teach(if the person claimed to be earning millions from market and still charging to teach you, avoid. I will teach anyone for free when I reach my million mark. Mark my words).

Learn about the fundamental ... WHY if we bought at RM1? at RM2? WHY? Why the stock move up from 50cents to RM1 to RM2. Can we still enter? Why yes? Why no?

Learn the technical ... WHY must we sell at certain level? WHY buying back at certain level is OK but others not? What is our risk-reward ratio and how do we do our planning for it so that we could manage our RISK of losing? How much should we be buying? I am teaching my group this part ... in my trading workshop, as trading is about PLANNING rather than indicators blahblah ..

AAX : Back to low 61 cents now. Once it break 60cents level, I will be excited to check her again. If we are holding at IPO level of 1.25 ... well, it is 50% plus discount for us to buy ... err ... cheaper? But, cheap will go cheaper.

Note : Investors will not buy into aviation sector. Too high risk.

Armada : Support at 1.35 level now ... today, at 10.30am ... it is trading at 1.31, hit 1.29 low so far. So, I will wait for more black candles, hoping to get at 1.15? Again ... very sorry for those inside and did not cut-loss. Those got her at IPO ... sigh ... and those went thru the right-issue? The selling seems to be intensify. Remember, whoever selling today is a cut-loss and exiting the new low ... each day.

I have given e-meeting to my members the important of CUT-LOSS. Like it or not, we are in trading-market, where we should not think of cheap, as cheap ... err ... going cheaper?

I am not talking about the lousy CSL here. I am talking about Bumi Armada, the AK's counter. One of the largest around. So... to heck if you are buying CSL or XOX(come and meet me, treat me a lunch/dinner ... and allow me to lecture you for 2-3 hours. PERHAPS ... you might wake up from reality?) ... or ... still thinking DSonic back to RM2? AAX back to RM1? Armada back to ... whatever level you wish?

CSL and XOX wont be mentioned here. It is ridiculing our little intelligence in trading-investing.

Ok ok ... sharing those charts ... it is NOT a pleasure to watch.

CSL : Never to trust China-company listed in KLSE. NEVER. But, some newbies will be lure into those beautiful account, LOWEST PER level ... as they DO NOT have knowledge. The risk so high ... being a newbie, u see. Cut-loss at current level and start all over again? How? I don't know ... I believe HUMAN nature in majority(80%) will NOT change and will continue to gamble, asking in forums what to punt/buy ... and join those stock watch giving these LOUSY counters. You make that decision yourself ... if you wish to wake up or stay ... err ... hibernating?

DGB : Someone asked me about this one ... err ... I never answer such questions as I find it ridiculous to even mention such question ... showing the total ignorant a person about trading-investing. Heck, of coz we do not invest in such counters leh ... whoever asked you to buy her, and now stuck ... make sure you NEVER ask him/her anymore for any advice. As newbie, we MUST check fundamental of the companies. Then, only ask question ... about the LOGIC of buying or selling. NO LOGIC? Then, make sure you are not in share-market ... as most will be burnt when market collapsing ... and game over. Poor ignorant newbie ... I used to say. But, now ... I prefer to reach other to help them rather than pity them.

Know what is PUMP-n-DUMP? Do read about that.

Kinstel : Someone I knew bought Kinstel at RM1plus, due to recommendation from her dealer. DO NOT blame you dealer for giving us lousy trades as we need to do our homework and trade at our own list. Then, recently I got to know a newbie, showing to me his portfolio ... holding to Kinstel. I cant remember his cost price ... but just told him not to hold to these counters. Short-trade is OK if you know-how, but to hold to paper-loss could cause us heavier loss.

PDZ : How can we talk about pump-dump without mentioning the fav darling of many retailers, caught her at high? Suddenly Mara bought into them ... suddenly talk about XYZ stories ... suddenly twisted the stories? How now?


Sumatec : The one from JB, recently attended my trading workshop told me that one of the dealer given him TIPS that it will be goring to RM1 above ... it was at 40cents plus back then ... and when he checked, it was already at 50cents plus. He ALMOST bought into Sumatec at 50cents ... today is 26cents. That could be his first trade, and how is a newbie who never take a trade(virgin trader) making such losses? How to cut-loss and how will it affect the emotion? Confidence etc etc? So ... his remiser(not that dealer) asked him to look for me to LEARN ... well, he is glad to travel from JB to KL. This is a real story of a newbie ... almost trapped inside Sumatec.

Many e-mail to me ... showing they are inside similar counters such as PDZ, Sumatec ... the two common goreng-ayam stocks.

Sona : A spec ... I mean, a SPAC. If you are newbie and do not know what a SPAC is, err ... you are too ignorant to be in market yet. LEARN first ... take 2-3 years to understand trading and investing. This is the Quek-effect counter ... where we want to believe with Quek on the boat, it wont sink.

KLCI down 10points ... take care of that cut-loss level.


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