Sunday, November 16, 2014

Deepavali Charity Home

Today ... I went for my be-lated Deepavali Charity Drive. Yes .. belated ... as it is about a month ago we celebrated Deepavali festival. I am a person who do not believe in festivals ... and I do believe during festival seasons, many donated to these homes and many large organizations or cooperation will be having the charity drives. Malaysians are generally generous. I m glad we have such good society ... as we could still afford to give ... even a small amount, to those needy ones.

I have chosen my cause ... it will be orphanages.  I have adopted a Malay orphanage home at Rawang for past 3 years ... and as they are gathering more funds and doing much better, I will slowly moving out to those more homes ... who might need help.

They do have a facebook page ... do check them out. They are just in PJ ... section 8.

Due to my small car ... and with two of the boys with me, I could not carry much items. Only spent about RM1700 on some necessary items. I will be going to the home again for next round ... and will be in contact with the person in charge. Yes, I have given them my number ... and will be buying the boys their school stationeries, uniforms and etc.

The two boys, Valen (the spec one, 14) and Karuna(facing, 15) are two of the boys helped me to carry those items. They have been at the home for past 8 years. Hailing from Klang, Valen came from a poor family and his family could not afford to raise him and bro/sis. He didn't tell me more of his stories ... and I am just a stranger to him, yet. Karuna is from Kajang. A more quiet one ... I do not manage to get any info about his past. But, gladly they called me Uncle Teh ... and I bought them drinks. My advice to them : Study well.

I am thinking of funding their tuition ... by gathering some tutors to volunteer to teach these boys. And pay the tutor ''small'' amount. Education is what these boys needed ... to get away from proverty, vices and helping the community.

These boys doing some dance ... and called themselves, AGBreakers.

The group photo ... many the boys suddenly joined in. Haha ... well-behaved and thanking me much for the small donation. I do not give cash as I do not believe in that. I prefer to go there personally and just call me up ... and let me know what they need, I will get them the necessities.

It is my dream .. from my heart, to reach out for these under-privileged kids. Boys or girls. Black or white. It has never been my bother ... as I always believe charity is from the heart, when we feel satisfied and glad inside ... knowing that we have make the huge world slightly happier with our small existence.

One day ... I know, when I m no longer working so busy as I m now, I will like to dedicate my time blogging about them ... giving these homes a platform to be known, and the place they deserved. I will like to have a relief-center sort-of ... to link these homes, network them together and becoming more efficient in distributing of funds and items.

Till then ... I will still do in small manner, whatever making me happy ... and craving some smiles on these kids.

Thanking many who have contributed to the fund raising, by generously believing in me. I am just a social worker ... and many behind my cause have helped to contribute. In them, I would personally say :


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