Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Crude Oil below 80

Another losses ... 0 - 1 away is considered as good?! It is like those trading speculative counters ... losing small is considered as good. But, still many promoting those counters ... so that many punters will be interested with their BUY calls ... such as .. XYZ?

KLCI is in RED ... down about 10points. Well, know why I sold off most all my positions last Friday and keeping cash? Don't believe ... ask my stock-watch members. But, if they are selling or not, I do not know.

KLCI chart ... showing a V-shape recovery ... unhealthy. So, need to rest ... today resting a little. I hope it will go lower in another few black candles ... and, those speculative gamblers will be burning the fingers for not knowing what they are doing ... and GREED in them will see them losing more.

O&G counters are to AVOID.

SKPetrol coming back down below RM3.20 again. Critical support ... and should not be broken. If it goes below RM3.10, we have to check RM3 below ... so, it is risky to catch at current moment.

I have sold Alam, Armada, UMWOG, Yinson ... where I bought when there was a first round of sell-down and market was bearish then. That was good technical rebound ... and at current level, I m just watching and hoping all the supports will break, to create many more sell-down ... for early Christmas sales?

Ok ... will find some time to write about last weekend talk at SIDC.


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