Thursday, November 06, 2014

Cheap Mindset

I started my talk with this clip : GRIT

That is how I am moving ... to be a better trader. And to do that a reality, I have to examine myself --- my weaknesses and seeing if I could do a little better ...

Cheap Mindset

then ... I shared with my audience(online) on WHY we have cheap mindset ... and how it will make more retailers suck into stock-markets ... buying into CHEAP stocks, penny-stocks which are HOT. Sigh .. I was stern and wanting to put the point across so much.

Do not lose money? That is not possible.

To ask retailers and newbies NOT to buy into these penny speculative counters is NOT possible. Many will buy Esceram tmr ... or chase DNex or under-valued IFCA? Haha ... I want to laugh but I am supposed to be stern. A teacher in me ... trying to tell those newbies about what they should not buy? What? Learn first .. buy boring counters, those so called blue-chips?

Learning is NOT in most of traders in markets. Haha .. I want to laugh again. It is because we used 3-4 years to obtain a degree(so that we could work for somebody) but we do not need license or anything at all ... to punt into DNex?

We have to admit that we bought into these counters because it is CHEAP. In our mind, somehow it is embedded inside us(a person said ... DNA ... good word) to get things FREE .... we go to market talk for free makan ... and free tips.

We visited forums/blogs as they are FREE. We want things given to us, information and lessons for FREE. Free is good in our retailers mind. Free warrants attached, we will like. Bonus-issue is good?! Free ma ... right?

So ... it is all about our EMOTION.

It is about HABITS ... one of them : Being CHEAP.

One person asked : How do we change our cheap mindset?

I said : Not possible. Unless u have done what I asked my students to do ... BUY original books instead of photocopying ... BUY an original DVD rather than downloading them? Is that possible?

bear in mind again ... with 80% losers in forums, in stock-markets ... can we afford to be CHEAP, buying lousy counters ... simply because it is penny?

Learn to trade first ... learn about fundamentals of the companies BEFORE we think of buying these cheap stocks.

Time to rest ... and might plan for CHEAP MINDSET talk again for those missed the interesting story I shared. Haha ... I m just a joker ...and entertainer.

Note : I gave examples like Harvest, KNM, Sona, THHeavy ... many more ... and Kinstel

Kinstel : MANY retailers losing money in her ... suddenly they cant find files ... now what? Cut-loss will be too painful

night ... zzz ... DOW at new high.


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