Friday, November 07, 2014

Breakout : MMSV and MyEG

We all need a chance to break-through ... we need a chance! But, no one will give us a chance if we do not work hard to improve ourselves ... increase our values.

Majority of us ... 80% of us are losing and many given up due to the difficulties ... the lack of vision, goal ... lack of commitments. It is too difficult to overcome our laziness ... our weak surrounding people and we do not even realize that we are CONDITIONED to fail ...


MMSV : Day-traded .. bought 63 and 63.5, sold 65.5-66 ... that is tonight's dinner. Bought back 65 ... and see later ... sell 68 can get today?

MyEg is making me glad ... breakout new high. I bought Myeg-cc too.

SHL : At RM3.60, recommended by Jack of RHB ... our entry was below RM3.30 ... now RM3.60.

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