Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Be motivated

Motivation is very crucial ingredient to be successful, achieving our DREAMs and GOALs.

It is for us to change our MINDSET and getting out of the NORM. Do not be with herd/crowd ... moving away is difficult. The comfort zone of being surrounded with people ... to comfort us that it is OK to fail(in anything) or doing just OK ... in our trades. The answer is : IT IS NOT OK. We know it ... we all should have higher expectation on OURSELVES.

Only we could put the limit to our own abilities. No one else should tell us that.

If you are still new in markets, and if you think of quitting ... that is good as quitting is the easiest way out of our pain, our fear ... rather than facing to reality that we are weak ... that we need to learn from our mistakes. We all have our weaknesses ... and to point that we could not improve ourselves is like saying that ... that is our limitation.

MINDSET ... this is our asset. If we allow others to dictate our mind ... we could not set what we want to achieve.

I am here to tell all that the RM5 The Edge is seriously expensive for me to buy when I was in Sabah 5 years ago ... when I was very much still a newbie in stock-market. That was the struggle I have went thru ... waking up 4.30am to listen to China-biz while reading DynaQuest!!

I will attend all the market talk, I will take hours to learn those technical indicators(now I do know that the least we use those indicators, the better our trades would be!) ... and listen to those done them. I will not listen to sales-people ... but those real traders, with experiences to share.

I lost and failed in many times ... many area, including my Math ... my games. And now ... trading.

If you are too lazy, do not dream ... that is just wishful thinking. If you are mixing with majority, feeling comfortable with them consoling you ... IT IS OK ... then, you have limit yourself of seeing that you can achieve higher than the majority.

80-20 concept ... simple. Be the 20% minority that improve consistently, learning continuously and achieve some great things.

Learn and google for 80 - 20 ... and learn to get away from the crowd, the forums, the noisy surrounding.

Good morning. If I am free, I will give a short e-meeting ... telling you my stories, how I am still learning to be a better trader(while most busy with 9-5pm job) ...

The reward will come ... one day.

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