Thursday, November 13, 2014

A reply to Frank S

Morning ... I watched "The wolf of Wall Street" this morning ... and it is yucks with all the vulgar-F words ... and the sinful parties. Terrible movie. haha

I will want to reply an e-mail from an old reader(from i3). I e-mailed him when someone sent me one of his comment. No, I do not send a spy in i3(why should I?) ... but good humans with me, making me aware of many talking in i3-forum(or whatever forums, are we supposed to be aware?).

Then, I noticed it was FS ... a person I regarded(some years ago) as a good human in i3. I was in i3-forum some 2yrs ago ... but after 1-2 encounters with some so-called regulars ... I pulled myself away, rather than lowering myself. I do have better things to do ... enjoy the life, guys.

This comment was in i3, in one of my post MyEg-MMSV. So ... here will be my reply to FS, but will only clarify few things.

FS : Haiya teacher teacher sometimes u really kill me la. The other day u said market very high, aunty uncles,pak chik makchik getting greedy n u taking a break now u go n punt MMSV somemore 2 rounds in a single day? N for dinner money? Wat happened? u take a break n had some kit kat n come back all within 24 hours or u worry u missed the action? The other day u said u cut loss My eg now u buy back n make u glad – huh?. These 2 shares are already at all time high n u’re buying high selling higher? that is why so many here think u’re a punter more than a teacher so how to attract more students?

TEH : Yes, I told my trading group to SELL last-last Friday(31st Oct) as the V-shape is ridiculous. We bought BJToto, Armada, Yinson, Boilermac, PWRoot and many more during that fear period. When it hit a V-shape, I am in FEAR due to penny-stock punters are BACK in FULL vengeance. So, the FEAR in me prompted a SELL and relax call. I went to RHB talk .. people told me die-die and lose money, so I bought. When I went to another talk ... so many aunties-uncles, it was PACKED. What does that say ... mind you, 80% of these people who attended market talk losing money, ok? So, I tend to do the opposite. When SMRT from 90cents to below 60cents and back to 90cents ... DNex from 38cents to below 28cents and back to 40cents ... craziness of GST play in news .. we HAVE to take heed as retailers are BACK in huge dose. SELL was a RIGHT call back then.

Myeg : Bought at average 4.06, anticipating breakout of RM4.04 but it closed RM4.02. I cut-loss RM3.99. It came down to RM3.91 with lower volumes, indicating contra-short-term traders selling and when it moved back above RM4.04, I bought. Sold RM4.30(some members sold RM4.33 and another RM4.38). I was greedy ... I sold half only. At current level, it is at 10MA support, in which if it breaks RM4 ... we need to cutloss again if we are short-term trading. Otherwise, wait for RM3.90. Well ... some bonus-issue news is there ... GST ... blah-blah ... MyEg boleh? haha

But, we can STILL take short trades, right? I cut-loss my MyEg at RM3.99 as it failed to breakout, came down for few days to RM3.91 and jumped back above RM4.04 resistance ... as traders, we see that as opportunity for short trades. I managed to sell at RM4.30 and it went higher, I think. Still have half, tho. Today is back to RM4.

MMSV was a day-trading ... I hv written there to my members that it is meant for short-trades, with cut-loss if breakout failed. It went to close at 68, and I sold all at closing price. It might goes up higher after that, but it is not of my control. I could only PLAN my trades and trade according to my plans(easier said than done, of coz!). Today it is back to 60cents level. So, it is NOT for everyone. We need to know our own RISK appetite, and WHY it jumped up(due to profit news).

But ... if unfortunately ... those reading forums/blogs/broker reports/remisiers/dealers/softwares and media/friends/neighbours and/or crystal balls would not understand the RISK because ... we are all channel to be GREEDY. Yes ... sorry if anyone reading my posts, bought into it and lose some money. Please understand that we are NOT suppose to take ANY trades without understanding what we are doing! That I will want to reach out to MORE newbies/novices ... and making them realize the LOGIC and REALITY about stock-market trading?

I do not care WHOEVER in i3-forums think of me. Yes, I m still very much a teacher ... if anyone think I am punter, am I supposed to listen to few hundreds of OTHERS thoughts? Look ... trading is UNDERSTAND your risk ... your plan and execution. Period.

FS : Kannot like tat la – U must understand now u no newbie nor novice ma– u ‘re A Teacher / A CIKGU ( not ciku) – respected one also ( at least for me ) it ‘s good to be humble but u must be practical also. Now u kept saying u a Teacher n u teach TA n also got stock watch. O.k good. but u must remember u also a Business man now mah so must at least act like 1 la - tell me which tratle or turtle wants to pay some novice or beginner to teach them how to punt? Especially when Here in i3 have many TA gurus who give free tips n also write TA n FA write ups n many are quite accurate so u must be better than them especially since you’ll be charging – ( of course u deserved it as u also put in a lot of hard work ) but u must separate or at least show why u r better..

TEH : I am no longer a newbies recently ... I allowed myself to be upgraded to NOVICE level after 5 years of HARD work ... 4-6 hours perday, digesting the huge data, chart readings ... and chatting with my traders for info and sharing purposes. Yes, after a person who have been CONSISTENTLY in market for 5 years and for 4-6 hours per day, we kannot call him newbie? May I know ... why not if he THINKS he is still a newbie? As for me, only I MYSELF could judge myself ... and God, of coz. No one else should judge us except ourselves.

So, if I said I am a NOVICE ... I am one.

I am just trying to be as frank as possible, in the world of lies(the stock-market is an INDUSTRY itself with most have MONEY and personal gains in mind, not ours). I will keep my own words to myself, and let the others to say whatever they want. Afterall, EIGHTY PERCENT of them .. those in forums and markets LOST/LOSING/WILL LOSE money, ok? Face it ... so many empty-tins there ... do you think ANYONE want to give you FREE lessons and FREE tips to punt? THINK ... by the way, thinking needs BRAIN ... which the LOGIC being thrown out of the windows. WAKE UP. Hanging with those birds ... will gather same feathers. If we are to be the TOP 20%, it is my strong believe to LEAVE those 80% alone ... and if they are SENSIBLE and LOST lots of money one day ... they will QUIT(that is the best for their OWN good) or ... they might want to learn ... then, I will welcome to give them few hour lectures!! haha ... FS, you need to get a facebook and come to my e-meeting. I will reserve a seat for u, ok?

I spoken about cut-loss last night ... and explaining why most of us lose money(me too, of coz ... as I m a just a novice, see?) and many started to make some senses. But ... we have short memory ... we tends to FORGET and repeat our mistakes ... because MARKET is very tempting. It is a place for MANY in the INDUSTRY to profits from retailers, suckers ... and more newbies coming into the greater fool's game. It is a place of NO U-TURN. When you win, you will praise XYZ and thought you are born talented ... but when you lose, you will have someone to point fingers to. 

Wait a minute .. I never point out that I am better than anyone or if I am bothered to compete ... hmm ... nothing to compare. I am learning to be a better trader. That is my point. I do think I have a very different mindset, which MAJORITY in forums wont understand. So ... if anyone in i3 promoting their trading course, stock-watch and services ... it has nothing to do with me, right? If the members profiting well, why not? If we are doing well ... people will want to learn, right? But ... if we failing ... why not?!

So ... I m not a biz-man. I know I tried to promote my stock-watch(contact me at  haha) or trading workshop, but if I could help some, why not? I do know there are MANY stock-pick groups out there ... giving MANY giving the GET RICH QUICK stocks ... and MANY members getting the taste of burning inside in the speculative counters. When they profit, they will said that sifu/guru is the best ... and curse the same person weeks later when lose money. Those are IGNORANT punters and newbies. What can a teacher ... a blogger and a trader like me do? NOTHING ... it is our own choices to follow whoever, whatever works ... and disclaimer is always there, right? Are we going to blame the analyst if we bought into XYZ and it dropped 50%? Or how about ... blame our own STUPIDITY and GREEDINESS and LAZINESS ... and thought that trading is earning EASY money, right?

Stock market is the ONLY place where professionals with good brains losing their LOGIC and BRAINS. Nothing new ... it is basically GREED and listening to many sweet words. In my trading group, I talked about losing money. I lost many times ... and failed. It is part of the game!!

In short, I may want to promote myself ... but I rather to have sensible people in my group. I will VERY glad if majority 80% losers will not be in my group. HONEST. Dealing with human is too difficult for a non-salesman with bad PR ... I will say bad words and even scold some members for asking stupid questions! Yes ... I only wish to teach those who wish to learn ... as I do BELIEVE there are still some sensible and honest real newbies who are losing money, feeling lost ... and need a good mentor to help them out the losing groups. That will takes lots of effort from OURSELVES.

Did you see me promoting GREED or FEAR? Yes ... who will want to join me when I keep talking about RISK, right? They want to hear profits!

FS : N worst of all punting for makan money? that is definitely a NO NO. u know most here always wants the easiest way to make all the $$$ - the hot flavor or the day, the next 10 bagger n u seriously think makan money or learning from novice will get them to u?

TEH : WHO doesn't want the easiest way of earning money. WAKE UP, ever retailers. Do not be suckers!! Learning take YEARS ... and anything easy is NOT TRUE. Again .. I need someone to use BRAIN. Got or not? No ... do not learn from me as I m a novice. Go to those selling you HOT STOCKS ... telling you they gain 20-30% in shortest period of time. Please go to those salesman ... pay RM3k or RM5k or RM10k to join those sure-win tips ... and yes, remember to get rich. Let me be ... and helping those few logical ones, believing trading is difficult. How about those forex-talk ... onlky for today, RM5k (worth RM25) ... and you will learn how to trade forex and earn back RM5k in days? Hey ... those are BS promoters leh ... and be VERY careful, MANY are out there ... writing free blogs, giving free tips ... using Facebook to create sure-win groups. THINK ... and yes, one day ... when senses get to you(market will crash one day, anyway) ... perhaps, I m still around to help many?

FS : So I suggest to u no more riding kapchai n wearing slippers seeing your prospective traturtles or when giving classes thinking ah pek style will prove your sincerity,but IMAGE n IMAGE is important so Please go get a nice suit & tie n put on some Alain de Lon Shoes n please change your still learning Novice n BEAR with me thingy la. Disclaimer is Fine but all the Bear n animals got to go. U have to be something like ‘Any investment will have risk or losses’. or/and 'Learn to Be a Better trader for a better future' Show them your annualized gains since u turned pro – people like good successful person/story before they put their $$$ into u.

TEH : No .. I m not proving my sincerity to teach. I do not need to. For your information, that was my personal comfortable look. I started with that ... now, I do wear nice T-shirt which my wife shops for me ... and I m wearing nice shoes. Haha .. yeah ... an improvement in my look leh. Not bad, right? I will NEVER wear a suit or tie. That is for SALESMAN. I am a trader and a teacher. I think a decent nice jeans-tee is good enough. Yes .. bear with me for another 3-5 years while I will still struggle to learn to get out of novice level. ONLY ME .. only I could promote myself. Not thru any judgment from others.

Successful stories .. haha ... am I successful? I do not think so ... with me 20% in my trading journey? Yes ... 20% as there are so much more to learn and experience. So ... do bear with me for another 5years ... will you still follow my blog in 3-5 years time? I am going to reactivate my next year as I just quit my full-time job last July. I do hope to find more time to blog ... to post some stock analysis and perhaps ... heck, I might be known by few sensible newbies. Those want to get-rich-quick .. buy today, up tmr mentality ... DO NOT contact me. You will be disappointed as I don't believe in such sifu/guru/trainers. I am also a non-believer in softwares .. which so hotly promoted and people buying into those stories.

FS : I hope u dun mind me pointing out these to u coz when I started to come here few years back u makes the most sense in not punting speculative stocks n still do but u seriously need a make over. I know u blah3 n dun care much but u’re blahing here also hoping to get some students correct or not so IMAGE is very important – for me I want to learn from the very best not some still learning bear with me novice so take the bull by it’s horn n tell your future traturtles or let them know u’re the BEST of the rest. n that being professional then only people will take us seriously. good luck to u :)

TEH : I m still in a position that as newbies we should not punt into those pump-n-dump counters. I have not changed. I am NO longer a newbie ... I m a trader now, no longer have a full-time clock-in job ... so, if I seen any opportunity, I will trade. No ... you are wrong to say my blah-blah is to get students. Haha ... I wrote my blah-blah blog since 2008 ... in fact, I blah-blah in in blogs for 15 years now ... yes, way before BlogSpot was born ... we have blogsome, Xanga ... then ... way back, we have create-your-own-website by yahoo ... and way way back then, I was blogging in a Canadian website(lure by my chess-mate .. I played Yahoo chess everyday back then).

So ... my blah-blah is for my pleasure viewing ... tho I seldom re-read my own posts. I dislike the attention thrown to me ... but about 2 years ago, someone kindly reminded me as a public-figure now. Serious?? What is that?

This is one of the three interviews I have obliged to. I am a stock-trader. I do not need to dress coat to tell you how the MACD works. I do not believe in driving a Merz and told you BS story such as I profited RM1mil from trading Gamuda-wd and still promoting how good the software works. I do not need to work at night ... telling people to come to my workshop, and use i3 or whatever platform to mid-lead others. Serious biz-man will consider that ... I am not a serious biz-man or sales-person. Ask anyone knew me in person. I helped many ... shake their brains and telling them FACT about HOW I lost money ... and how many of us will lose money being a sucker. That is reality. And yes, I lost many times .. lost many trades ... lost a lot of my money.

And thanks ... I do appreciate your pointers. I do hope I have partially answered some of your questions or clearing some of your doubt. Oh yes, I am changing my good old kapcai to Kawasaki VERSys(about RM35k) ... and I do like bikes, not cars.

Frank, as I told you in my reply to your e-mail ... this is not my main biz, blogging is my pleasure and hobby. Trading workshop, if any ... is a pleasure for me to be able to share my trading system with FEW sensible humans. NO ... I do not want to have those big-crowds and earning money thru teaching trading, yet all those BS promotion talks, if u know what I mean. I want to be MYSELF ... a real me, learning to trade and teaching them HOW I started ... and what pitfalls to look for, what resources we could share and gather ... guide them even after my workshop, dedicatedly have e-meeting with them (LOL ... I am practically have e-meeting few times a week now. haha ... and it is free ... because I enjoyed it). So ... I know you concern of me ... blowing of my own reputation, to be a trainer in trading. I am not bothered as ... only sensible people who want to learn from a real trader, such as me ... will appreciate my treaching, anyway. MAJORITY of them want to learn it fast, learn it quick ... just tell me what to buy and sell so that I can be RICH. Haha ... no thank you, I want these gamblers not to join me ... join many of those advertising that they profit 20-50% in days/weeks. My toes are laughing ... haha ... and I want to cry too, due to my stupidity ... I didn't get into their sucker game?

MANY out their want to suck us in with their FEW thousands dollars of trading course, and promoting ridiculous profits. Ridiculous money ... teaching people to use software to trade for few thousands and with a class of 20-30 suckers, the trainer who is selling software is getting RM60k for a session. Those attended ... err ... got learn anything or not? Can be better traders after a day talk ... or 2-3 days course ar? You want the notes? What ... studying notes can be good traders? If they are THAT good(which I am not... sorry la, I m still the ah-pek you knew 2-3 years ago in i3-forum), the BANKS will be asking them to work for them or buy THAT software for millions, ok? Got brain to think, right? Got?? sure ....?? no ... many more suck in to pay those thousands ... believing they could earn back their "investment" and many many more newbies coming into markets ... believing they will profit or even get rich.

Let the nature takes it cause ... as in the end of the day, it is our own money we have to protect. Do not blame the promoter/salesman ... it is their job. They are just working for their company. Maybe, one day ... if I open my own biz in trading ... say, Sdn Bhd, I will have to employ sweet young faces and energetic youngsters to promote my courses or services, right? Till then .. I am still very much a teacher ...

do come for my e-meeting next week Wednesday(free ... apa lagi mau? ... you think my time is free ar? feel guilty yet .. then, donate to the charity, can ar?) ... as I will repeat the "7 stocks we should NOT be buying" if we are newbies.

Note : ONLY for newbies and sensible human. NOT a stock pick and any stock mentioned is for education purposes ... or for pleasure blah-blahing purpose.

Promotion : Join my stock-watch to check on my trades. I do have free weekly e-meeting new year onwards. It will be GST free too. Hmm ... join the ah-pek way of learning technical-analysis as I will be having my cohort-14 NEXT SAT/SUN (23rd and 24th ) ... for more information, contact me at


Phew!! Getting back to KLCI ... in red minus 4 now


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