Friday, October 31, 2014

Yeah ... bullish again?

It is not a good joke ... but, everyone is delighted .. good morning to DOW up 221.11 points. Yeah ... told u that retailers will jump in big this time ... ini kali la ...

KLCI still have some upside, but the RISK is higher now. Those chasing hot-stocks, good luck to all.

KLCI : Could it stay up above 200MA now? 1865 next resistance ... can sell all and go for Nov holiday ...

My trips away for holiday in Nov/Dec.

Sepang : GoldCoast ... nice ... my fav place to escape.

Malacca : mid of Nov ... to meet members and have a market talk. Those in Malacca to meet, do keep in touch.

Sabah : In Dec ... excited as Sabah is the place my heart wants to be. Will have a day off for Trading Workshop and Market talk. Contact me those in KK.

AAX : Sold 79cents when market bullish. Bought yesterday.

BJCorp : Sold part at 50.5 as I was collecting around 48-49 cents. Keep another portion for them to goreng. Sold another part 52.5 cents done too. Great.

Caring : A very un-caring counter for the investors now as it is moving to new low in such bullish market.

That is the ABC in my stock-list. Caring ... watching but not catching yet.

MyEg : Brekaout to new high today. I bought into her ... wish me luck.

Today is end of OCT.  I am clearing most of my stocks for doing some accounting. It is a good time to sell when everyone is back with good news ... such as SMRT the cheapest education stock? hmm ... buy or bye?

Today is also for new members to join my stock-watch. Do contact me at

This weekend cohort-14 will be postponed to end of Nov. Let the market corrects again, otherwise ... everyone becoming good in trading now. Hmm ...

Have to go for classes ... and have a nice trading day.


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