Sunday, October 12, 2014

Waterfalls to watch

Airport : At RM7 now ... will check at RM6.20

FGV : Closed at RM3.44, no bottom seen yet ... but a contrarian can consider her. One of the very beautiful waterfall. Bottom fishing?

GAB : Down about 40% from the peak now ... is the oct-fest on? That might help the sales. Will check at RM12.

JTiasa : A special mention here as it was bought by KYY at around RM2, it went up to RM2.70 level ... now is back to RM2. Can we start nibble at current level? If we are investing, and bought at RM2.70 level ... at current RM2 is deemed as cheaper valuation. So, investing is for longer term ... buy in stages and sell in stages.

Seal : When it was at RM1.40 level, someone in my group mentioned that someone told him this is under-valued. If RM1.40 is under-valued, I will be extremely excited now as it is diving to86cents now ... checking her at 75cents next week. NO ... if a stock price has doubled/tripled or more, it cannot be under-valued. If it is known to public, it could not be under-valued. That was my logic. Retailers are the last of persons to know about any under-valued stock. But, it could be traded if it is hot-ly discussed in forums. If it is in forums ... means, there is a runner(someone being used to tell stories to cook up the stocks, in order that the operators can distribute to ignorant retailers and newbies).

YeeLee : At support 1.40 support now ... another two black candles ... it will be great to trade.

I am planning for a short talk(online ... so anyone with internet at home could attend) about ''technical rebound'', learning to catch these knives. If you are stuck in some of such stocks, one could learn to buy at lower level now. Add me in the facebook :

If you are newbie, you are most welcome to join.


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