Saturday, October 04, 2014

To know how it feels ... be one of them.

How does it feel to be not well ... and sleeping 'outside'? The homeless ...

To know how it feels ... how about take a night out ... and try to sleep out there? One may choose a nice night(not raining, for example) ... and try to sleep overnight at bus-station, shopping-mall .... kaki-lima and anywhere ... to rest our tired body.

I have tried that before. Yes, one may not believe that ... but, to me ... if you want to know the 'pain', you need to experience it. It was one of those longest night ... where I have to wake up a few times ... moving to a place to another. I remembered I started with a bus-station around 11pm ... but was 'chased' out around 1am ... it was quite windy. I was only with a small bag, brought a towel ... and nothing else. I do have ten bucks with me, just in case. Then, I walked to the front of temple ... and tried to sleep.

Around 3am ... it was too windy, and I woke up(after the short nap) ... and walked back to the bus-station to 'hide'. I cant sleep ... just sit there waiting for day-time ... then, it rained. Luckily that I have a shelter. I took a bread-bun I bought ... and waiting ... while dozing off ...

I was 22 then ... a uni-student, experimenting many crazy things ... trying to find my identity. I have always aware of those less fortunate than me ... I was brought up that way, I guess.

Yes ... I never really told anyone. I have so many un-wanted experiences. And that making me to be more aware of many issues ... before we being judgmental.

Ever ask why they are homeless?

Majority of us ... who took a simple shelter ... or family/friends for granted, will not bother to think if they will ever be 'homeless'? We all know that we WILL find a roof.

So, instead of making judgments ... cynical remarks and treating them as trash, try to understand them. At least try to help them by tell them where they could get help. Believe me, many of them are ''lost''.

Help is at hand Several organisations offer assistance for the displaced and homeless. If you’re in need of help, call:

Kechara Soup Kitchen Tel: 03-2141 6046

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen Tel: 012-236 3639

Social Welfare Department Tel: 03-8000 8000

Reach Out Malaysia : This is one org that I would love to work with. Be a volunteer.

25 years ago ... we do not have all these helps. All these kind humanitarian groups.

Yes ... money is needed to fund all these activities. We have many kind Malaysians who willingly to donate. Making sure the funds reaching those needy and utilized in good manner is another. Many of times we heard of the abuse of funds. We need to know what we are donating to ... why we are donating.

I have always try to be a nice person ... with a good heart. I may have not shown much of those nice part of me. I have known so so many nice and good hearted people. Amazing. I have known many not so nice people too ... and I chose to move away from those not so good human, and wanting to join those good hearted ones. I want to be one of the volunteers ... those fantastic ''heroes''.

While my heart is close to helping those orphans ... I do have a soft-spot for those homeless too. As cost of living is higher now ... relation between parents-kids is thinning ... we do expect more ''lost'' people ... where they are directionless, not know what to do ... and where to stay.

More immigrants coming to Malaysia ... more social issues we are expecting.

If they have a place to stay in proper, do you think they would want to be out there?

Help them.


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