Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thu 23-Oct

Morning ... lost at home 0 - 3 to Real Madrid. Sigh ... simply outplayed. Putting that aside ... market is opening ...

Work-space ... I have not created my personal workstation for trading. Been floating ... moving around, even to café/pastry shop ... so, it is time to get a little serious and discipline. Will create two work-space ... one at home and another at office. It is a MUST if I am going to take trading seriously. Yes, I am willing to spend money on these ... to improve my knowledge, to improve my working environment improve my trading. Tools ... something I have been not using fully to my advantage ... forums, something I have abandoned, which I should spend little time to read to learn from there(bear in mind, forums are noisy places ... we need to know how to filter).

Then ... activating my is another possibility ... to record my trades(good and bad) and I will create a member-only section where only my stock-watch members able to access to my trades. Time to get busy .. getting these ready ... for another year 2015. i believe I will be doing better as years passed ... as I more aware of what is needed, and what is not.

ok ... will continue here ... will blog the way I was ... where I edit regularly "live" ... those reading from i3 will NOT be able to see any updates(you may read direct from my blog rather than i3, ya.

Time to go ... 8.45am ... FKLI opening ...

HWGB : New low ... want to rant about it later. haha

9.55am : KLCI up 8points at the moment. Taken profits from my recent long at 1801.

Armada : Sold again at RM1.50, will buyback RM1.47 ... or else it might break 1.50 today?

Hapseng-wa : Q to sell 2.52 this morning, done. It hit 2.55 as mommy hitting new high. Take a look at Hapseng chart which I shared in my group

Got to go .. tuition class 10am.

12 noon : Done with class ... hungry. Time for lunch soon.

Workspace : I m creating my own workspace ... this is office.

Armada ... sold 1.50 and 1.54 ... been collecting at 1.40 level. Since it has broken 1.54, I bought back some at 1.56-1.57 ... closing for lunch at RM1.60 now. Check later...

2.30pm : Back home ... had home-cooked lunch by wife. Nice. Now, waiting for second half ...

My position I created not good for workspace. So, will rearrange it so that it is NOT facing a wall, but with strong wall behind the back.

Alam : Going to see I could take the trade today

6.35pm : KLCI so bullish, up 14.46 points. Wow. Suddenly they forgotten that KLCI donw 130 points and MANY retailers still stuck there? Cut-loss few weeks ago and going big last week was a good strategy, right? No?

Well ... somehow it is easier said than done. If one is stuck in front of forums, how are they going to profit as they are influenced by 80% losers retailers there? So ... think again ... if u really need to make noises in forums, that is your time. But, if u r newbies and novices ... who wish to improve, then I will suggest that you leave the noisy forums ... and learn to do your own analysis. Learn the fundamental analysis first ... then talk about technical.

Inari : Reaching back to RM3 ... yeah ... from RM2.05 I bought? I know I sold way too early, and was heavy in O&G.

Yinson : Great rebound ... we bought at 2.40-2.50 level .... today sold RM2.84 done, with 2.88 is my resistance. When oversold and market selldown like crazy ... it is a buy? No? Something is missing here. And I told my whole group Yinson is the best chart I have seen ... since TWSPlant when it dived? TWSPlant was taken private.

Armada : Such a nice rebound .. breaking my 1.54 this morning, and closed 1.63. Anything up too much is a SELL to me. Retailers will be coming in soon ... will be glad to sell to them. This is one chart I will share with in my workshop this weekend.

BJToto : I started to buy at 2.50 ... all the way to 2.40. Sai-lang ... buy as big as possible. Sell in stages ... a no brainer ... no need chart or brain. Just buy and sell. Today is RM3.70. How is that? Too bad, I sold too early again. I will initiate a sell call to my group tmr ... as it rebounded well. Use the funds for something nicer ... not much upside after shooting too high.

Elsoft : I missed this fella ... hmm ... bought 1.20 level and sold 1.30plus, then it came down .. today flew off!!

This Sat and Sun will be my cohort-13 ... my trading workshop. I will share how I trade, using basic charting and indicators. Those still interested, please let me know ...


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