Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stock Watch : DRBHcom

Morning ... what a good rebound last week and after the Deepavali off, we are expecting more retailers to be back in force to market.

So, KLCI recovering from 1767 to 1819 ... cool rebound, right? But many stocks have not back to the level before they dived. So, the party is going to start again. Do observe that KLCI is hitting resistance now and we may see some profit-taking next week.

DOW up yet another 127 points. What else? Amazon dropped 8% yesterday!

I have asked my group to SELL those stocks we bought at the dip.

BJToto : As we moved in at 3.40-3.50 level, as it rebounded sharply to RM3.70, it is a SELL to me as it is hitting 50MA resistance. And not much as upside in BJToto ... moving the funds into something better, such as DRB?

Boilermac : It hit 20MA resistance yesterday ... so, it is a sell. We bought at RM1.50 level, so RM1.68 is a good level to sell after sharp rebound.

Yinson : Hitting resistance 20MA at RM2.90. I have asked my group to take profits as we bought at RM2.50 level. I sold too. See if I could buyback if it retraces?

Yinson-cb : As the mommy is expected to rebound, I bought into the call-warrant for short punt. Bought 0.07-0.075 and sold at 0.085. That is more than 10%, but risky.

Stock-Pick : DRBHcom

DRB ... I sold at 2.28 before the ex-dividend. And I bought back yesterday as it break the RM2.06. RM2.20 resistance is taking as a target to sell next week. If one has the holding power, which I do not ... one may hold to resistance of RM2.25. DRB is less volatile ... so, it is suitable for those BUSY(and lazy) ... who want to buy into lagging good counter. It is one of the easier to trade counter where I buy when it oversold(RSI below 30) and sell when RSI reaching about 70.

Disclaimer : This is not a buy-call. I am just sharing one of my buying which I shared in my stock-watch.

If you  wish to join my stock-watch, do let me know ( I do buy good stocks and at times, I do buy few speculative counters. I prefer trading, rather than gambling.

Time for breakfast ... then prepare myself for my cohort-13 workshop this afternoon! Kinda excited!!

Have a nice weekend.


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