Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stock Watch : BJCorp

AJ : Someone, AJ, asked me about this stock. Since I just bought it(again), then ... ok. Please do not ask me about your stocks. Normally, I wont reply as I m in no position to give any opinions on buy-sell. Please ask your brokers/dealers or whoever asked you to buy BJCorp what you should do ... buying at above 55cents.

BJCorp : I have given this chart to my stock-watch group on Wednesday when I saw the bearish candle, heading to strong support. BUY call was at 46-47 cents, with cut-loss if below 45cents. The low was 45.5cent.

Some managed to grab at 46-47 ... and now closed at 48. Hammer formed at support. Nice.

Why BJCorp? On 26th and 29th Sept, some one pushed the price up and MANY retailers jumped in. Well, it is being promoted by someone in forums. So, those newbies and greedy retailers might possible to jump in on those two days, believing in the stories. Now, technically it was a STRONG SELL at 60cents resistance ... if you do not even know that, trading is NOT for you. Also, if you do not know this is VT's counter ... then, you should NOT be in market at all(just being honest).

If you do not know that forums are for people to promote stocks(for THEIR benefits), then ... you must be naïve or simply too greedy. No one should be blamed. Please do not blame the ''promoters'', your remisiers/dealers ... please be mature and not to blame VT, ok? We are the person who click the triggering point(buy or sell). Please do not blame us, blogger ... I am just answering someone who asked me as he is stuck at 55cents. As he asked me nicely, I m trying to reply here without being sound ''offensive''. Try to learn the lesson ... learn the way how stocks move ... how forums is being used to push(up and down) stocks ... or some bloggers writing about some ''under valued" counters. Please learn to take responsibilities, ok?

Trading stocks is only for mature people. It is a serious business where it is involving MONEY. Please do not be emotional due to losing in stock-markets as you are just the 80% around. If you are still in forums reading what stocks to buy, believe me ... you need to re-read my Jesse Livermore's latest post ... yes, without learning ... no way you could sustain for long. Don't worry, with the current correction, many retailers stuck and get burnt. Some margin-calls triggered ... the mood so down when I went to RHB's talk this morning.

I do wonder ... why buy BJCorp without any understanding of fundamentals or technical? Stock market is NOT for lazy people to earn easy money. BE HONEST to yourself. Hanging in forums will have more bad influence than good. To USE forums, I just need to go to check on the noises. Seriously, before I bought Inari ... I checked on the fear level in forums. Forums full with newbies, novices and retailers. So ... they will express their emotion (huat ar ... or die-la) and I used it to my advantage. I do the opposite ...

That explained too why I could escape the current sharp correction by selling 2-3 weeks ago, asking my trading group to sell ahead of the disaster. This week I asked them to buy(good stocks only). Yes, sai=lang ... bought back much on Thu and Fri. Imagine ... without selling, cut-loss ... do I have the funds to be so greedy and buy-buy-buy ... while saying bye-bye-bye 2 weeks ago?

I don't know if anyone going to buy BJCorp on Monday. I do know that I am a trader, and will sell her at resistance around 54 cents.

By the way, I do buy BJToto at cheap sales now. That you could consider as it gives good dividend Not BJCorp, the mother ... ok?

Disclaimer : this is not a buy or sell call.

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