Thursday, October 30, 2014

Some updates : DNex and DRBHcom

DNex : Now they will be talking about DNex ... doesn't matter if the company is selling roti or shoe, heck ... buy today, sure ... huat arr!! Then ... they will pray that tmr it will go HIGHER. Perhaps breaking 40cents tomorrow, buying more and ... yes, ini kali la.

If one has bought DNex at 35 cents previously, it went to 25cents recently ... are you still holding in pain, quietly praying ... and today, you are so so happy that you endure the pain ... and by tmr, IF it shoots above 40cents ... you will praise yourself for your bravery or perhaps thanking God that your prayers come true? You should thank your lucky star! Many more penny stocks is recovering ... to entice more retailers to jump in. If you think these loser-retailers have learnt from their lesson recently, you are wrong ... it is HUMAN NATURE la ... that is why normal human(without common sense) will never be able to trade well.  Since when gamblers will learn? Admit it ... you were lucky!

On the other hand, imagine that you bought at 35cents and due to so much of pain, you cut-loss ... say at 28cents. It went to 25cents ... consoling yourself that LUCKILY you sold early ... it went to 25cents. But ... today, you watched your DNex shot up to 35cents again ... you are in such a pain ... arrghhh ... heck, buyback at 35cents!! Ini kali la ...

See the no common sense of retailers gambling in markets? I met so so many, reading from forums ... there are plenty. And more ... some sifus might come out to tell you he bought at 25 cents and sold at 35cents ... in less than 2 weeks? See? You are biased .. your mind are blinded ... and such a logical common sense in you thrown out simply because of GREED ...

Till retailers realize such mistakes(most will not ... 80%), they will not understand why such things happening and try to predict when a stock will be goreng-ed.

DRB : Update from the chart I posted just now ... now, it closed lower, 2.11 ... and as I have said earlier .. it will formed a bearish crossover in stochastic. I do not have crystal ball ... indicators are Mathematically calculated with some formula(which I do not understand in depth, either). What I do know is I m planning to move in DRB again ... re-trade and wait at RM2.06 level now ... that is NOT a buy call, ok?

Those retailers will be yakking around in forums saying about Iriz is not good quality and sales may not be good? What a waste of time  ... as if we know and how is that translated into their P&L ... and affecting their share-price next week? Speculators ... they are everywhere. How about talking about 20cents increase in petrol price, and many might abandon their Benz or BMW ... and grabbing Inspira? After all, fuel subsidy is for lower income person like me who is driving a 1.3 Proton, right?

DOW up 140 points at the moment ... hurray for those punted into DNex ... the most popular stock of the day ... congrats.

Night ... sweet dream, then.


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