Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Selldown : Breaking the supports

Alam : Broken RM1.20 ... where is the next support? RM1?

GTronic : Broken RM4.60, checking RM3.94 next.

HuaYang : Broken RM2.20 today, closed RM2.16 ... watching for RM2 soon.

Presbhd : Broken 1.70 today ... next level is RM1.40.

Seal : Broken RM1 today ... closed 94.5cents. Checking 85cents next.

THHeavy : Broken 80cents, now going for 70cents level next.

Many more ... KLCI down 7 points, but many counters dived sharply. What is going on? Bear market now, and no longer talking about 1900?

Note : I see these as buying opportunities. As I have sold many for past 1-2 weeks ... keeping cash is good. Now, can you see the bottom yet? Trade at your own risk.

Night ... and tmr hope these stocks will dive further.


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