Sunday, October 26, 2014

Secret Millionaires

There are many millionaires around ... who don't show their big flashy cars or what have you to show, but they lives amongst us ... doing normal things and help others. Self-made millionaires are inspirational ... as they strive and face obstacles, persistence and never quit.

Their brain and energy is focus in achieving their goals. They do not brag ... they have no time to argue or quarrel. They do not have space for negative normal people, yet they realise of their critics and their enemies.

I have my goal ... to be a good trader. Then, when I have successfully done that, I will want to help other traders ... perhaps create a trader community and teach others about investing/trading for charity. Yes ... all proceeds should go into donations for those needing ...

I do know that I have struggled 6 years ... and will have another 4-5 years to go. Quitting my full-time teaching job is for me to move into that direction. To be a better trader ... and to learn new trading techniques ... instruments.

Need to prepare for my session II of my trading-workshop. I had one yesterday ... and I do have areas to improve ... Hope my new tratles could absorb what I am teaching. I heard that few of them attended some trading workshop too. Question should be ... are we still losing money AFTER attending trading workshops or are you expect to gain back your fees? it is a long journey ...

Have a nice Sunday


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