Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday blues


Liverpool : ... drew at home vs Hull. sigh. BR got few things not right ... Mario is not good enough. Coutinho and Henderson should start. Last year was Coutinho, Sterling, Sturridge and Suarez combination that brings goals ... Mario has no pace and finishing. Ok, Sturridge injured. Why over-work Sterling? Henderson been doing well ... these guys have pace, not Mario. : To revive ... and see how I could use it to record all my trades, but meant for my stock-watch members only. Yes, it is another added-value for my trading group as I m moving to be a trader ...

Cohort-13 : Sat-Sun, I had a trading-workshop with a batch of mixed age group. Yes, I teach trading using charts ... to trade consistent with trading plan. NOT gambling or punting. Not lucky to profit in those lousy stocks ... and recently, when market dived ... I believe 80% retailers do not escape the killings. Well, if the response is there ... I will have another this weekend.

DRB : Hitting 2.19 today, bottoming out of RM2 level ... market sentiment is recovering.  I sold her 2.18 done just now. Thank you.

FGV : Hitting 3.33 resistance, high at 3.34. I am selling. Thank you.

Many stocks are recovering. But, as majority did not sell BEFORE the selldown, many stuck without bullets to buy.

got to take a nap ...


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