Wednesday, October 29, 2014

KLCI bullish day

Last minute they scored to win .. phew. And KLCI celebrated with a 12 points gain at the moment. wow. Talking about bull-market again? Hmm ... time to sell more to the retailers as they are coming in, I could sense that now.

So ... KLCI going into BULL again ... buy buy buy? I am saying bye-bye-bye.

Where are all around when I was busy buying 2-3 weeks ago? Excuse me, KLCI was oversold ... now, RSI should be around 60? With 1840 resistance, it is time to REDUCE.

I don't know ... I do know it is very confusing. I thought when market in fear, we supposed to be greedy. So ... when I bought ... some people advised me about the high risk catching knives ... such as buy FGV below RM3.10, buying BJToto below RM3.50, Inari below RM2.20, MyEg below RM3.30 ... and many more. It was crazy with panic-selling ... again, I thought fear = buy?

Today, I can feel retailers want vengeance after being bashed by market for a month ... bruised and wounded. Some quit(good for them) ... while many in great pain of losing money. If u are buying good stocks, why are u worrying so much for NEXT correction? But ... again, they are retailers ... without much knowledge, just GREED emotion to earn easy-money(don't be silly, if it is THAT easy ... no one is working). If those software could trade well and earn money, IBs will BUY into them for millions. WAKE UP .. those selling u software are SALESMEN. And those telling u how they gain 10-20% or 50% profits ... hahaha ... they could be a trader for banks. Banks will employ these so-called great sifus ... haha ... and if they are that good, they do not need to work?

Hey, PMetal was below RM5 merely 2 weeks ago. Now is RM6.40 ... why are you talking about aluminum prices now? I am confused ... why retailers are naïve ... but I could understand as I was at their newbie-level once ... believing in bloggers, media ... remisiers/dealers ... even believing in broker reports. If u r newbie, WAKE UP. Do not trust anyone much .. do not trust me too. I am just a blogger.

Then, who should we trust? OURSELVES.

Use your brain ... its function is to THINK and use common sense. Enough said.

DRB : If only u could see the inverted hammer formed, u will understand why I bought. Yesterday it formed a hanging-man, then you will understand it is time to sell.

Cohort-14 : I am planning for another trading workshop this weekend. Sat and Sun. For details, contact me at

Will update the KLCI chart .. nice white candle for you. Perhaps, more retailers coming in to BUY and lets KLCI break 1850 ... lets party again to 1888?


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