Monday, October 06, 2014

Happy Holiday

It is back to classes for me tho my eyes not recovered yet. I have been 'lifeless' for 10 days ... it is a bit too long for me to stay 'dormant' and do nothing much. I watched DVD, instead. Somehow, I still feel watching movies is a waste of time ... and money.

HSI rebounds ... DOW rebounded 200points on Friday. So, we might expect some rebounds this week. A good news but is it sustainable? KLCI comprises of 30 stocks only.

Medical cost : One of the dis-advantages of being self-employed is that we have to bear out own medical costs. The red-eye started with my girl ... and passed to daddy. The total costs is about RM700. Yes, that is consider 'minor'. That is also why I need to re-consider my insurance coverage, which do not cover these out-patient treatments. I believe the medical cost will definitely be higher in future. Brace ourselves ... do not get sick, or seek 1-Malaysia clinic for treatments.

It is an off day ... I do have 3 classes today, an e-meeting with my trading group too. At least, I m being productive again ... soon. haha ...

while doing nothing ... listening to Wong Chee Wah's clip is always very entertaining.

Have a nice trading weekend ahead ... I will be fine and back again, soon.


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