Friday, October 17, 2014

GST stocks in play?

Censof : Do I need to introduce her? Every retailers knew about her ... interesting killing yesterday, now up a bit to 50cents ... anyone CHASED at 60cents above due to the GST? And listening to promoters in forum about how good Censof is? I don't know ... what I do know, logically ... if we like her at 60cents, we will love her at 50cents today. And it it goes to 40cents, it is too good to be true .... and we put all money in there? So, do decide ... why do you buy at 60cents? WHY? That requires THINKING .. to think, we need brain-cells .. not those greed=fear emotion. Emotion is our weaknesses ... admit it or not. The earlier we recognize that and focus in mindset, emotion control ... the better we could be. But to do that, it needs NON-normal mindset ... and lots of work.

Ifca : A GST play ... or our we being played out? If the neck being cut at 37cents, we shall be look at 28cent. If we like her at high level of 50 cents just days ago(thanks to the hype of budget-GST and many blowing pipes in forums), then at 28cents will be deemed as cheap? I didn't check the fundamental part, as I didn't participate in recent GST stocks in play. Will check on her again ... if 37cents support broken.

YGL : Playing on hot-news of GST .. promoted in many forums ... so, what is up? Dived from 30cents ... and support 21 cents. Need to hope market sentiment to recover, and yeah ... they might goreng her again ... just hope the descending triangle wont be formed. Breaking 21cents is cut-loss. If one could not exercise cut-loss, then ... be a long term investor, and see if GST news will be in play again and again ... next year?

I do not check on others.

By the way, buying Inari yesterday RM2.05 was good, right? Hmm ... now is RM2.25. Think risk-reward.

Need to go for some sundry-shopping ... off


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