Friday, October 24, 2014

Greed is back?

It is almost 4pm ... I just finished with a class and busy chatting with my trading group about the trades we took.

Asking them to take profits on Armada, Boilermac, Yinson and BJToto. Today MPHB is flying off .. SMRT hitting resistance 73, and DRB showing reversal. These are few trades we are taking ...

Day-trading Opensys and SMRT. Many more ... cant recall ...

I will be discussing simple trading plan with my new tratles tmr(cohort-13). Kinda excited to meet more traders, especially those newbies. It takes more years to understand ... and it is a serious business.

Boilermac : So ... do check my last post, I was jokingly said buy Boilermac due to signals given to me by the person I saw during lunch.

Given to my stock-watch ... we bought at 1.40-1.50 level. That man given me the signal, I just need to plan my trade, right? Boilerm at 1.67, hit 1.70(SELL) today. Thank you.

Going to nap .. while waiting ...

Last call : those interested with my trading workshop tmr, do contact me at

By next week ... greed will be back. Retailers who just lost so much or stuck, will put their fear aside ... and once they are back ... it is time to sell to retailers again. And the cycle continues ... FEAR&GREED.


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