Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CSL : Can't be trusted

Brain not working ... didn't even bother to think of a title for my today's post. hmm ... CSL then.

KLCI down about 3 points at the moment, as more retailers jumping into the penny-stocks again(some still with huge paper-losses). So ... today and tmr might be a profit-taking day.

BJCorp : It is not under-valued, of coz. Some asked me that. It is a hot-stock. How is a hot-stock under-valued? But, it is a trading-buy.

CSL : This fella is very un-trustworthy. It dived to 7cents and rebounded to 14cents ... yeah. Doubled. 100%. Haha ... that is how people will promote their trades. Now, sitting at 10cents ... what is next? I don't know .. what I do know is ... they will push it up again for them to distribute to greedy newbies-novices ... or those inexperienced punters.

CSL : This was the IPO time ... all the promises ... 95 cents, jumped to 1.40 ... wow ... dived back to 95cents ... and fly off to 1.80 level. What are they selling again? Nope ... not VCD, but I guess it is stationaries. This is a china-company listed in KLSE. If you are new in market, u may not know. Check few of those china-companies listed here ... most of them selling shoes ... got wine too, if not mistaken.

Yes ... if you bought at RM1 average level and still holding, it might never see RM1 anymore ... unless someone speculate that it will be taken private due to its strong fundamentals and cheap valuation?

Why is it in PN17? Is it? I don't know as I never really check on her. I do heard of the ''fire'' news and I was like .. oh boy, they using that as the reason/excuse not to produce the reports? Can anyone help those retailers who bought into CSL and stuck with huge losses now?


No one could help these speculators ... sorry, I could not advice if to sell at 10cents if your average is at RM1 .. or 50cents ... or even 20cents. We just need to accept our mistakes and take responsibilities. If your remisier or dealers asked you to buy, then ask him/her when to SELL. They will be glad if u done any trades ... win or lose, they are always in the winning side. I do know many good remisiers/dealers ... but to those who just want to earn some fees, think of your clients .. ok? Buying into such "lousy" China stocks, the risk is VERY high.

CSL: Reveals damage. China Stationery Ltd (CSL), which has been in the limelight due to its inability to finalise its audited accounts for last year due to a fire, disclosed an estimated loss of CNY332.7m (RM171.6m) arising from the incident. This amount, without taking into account the compensation from insurance, is equivalent to 86% of the earnings it made last year. For the financial year ended Dec 31, 2013 (FY13), the stationery maker recorded profits of CNY388m (RM200m). The company‟s estimated losses, however, are mitigated by the insurance amount it is entitled to claim. It estimated that the losses after the insurance claim of CNY142.5m, comes up to CNY190.2m (RM98.1m). (StarBiz)

err .. somehow or rather, china-stocks are of low PE .. very very low. In general, low PE is good, but can we really trust their reported earnings?

PE = price of the stocks/earning per share(EPS)

If the earnings per share is HIGH ... then, PE is low. But some PE is lower than 2? wow ... under-valued gems?

How about this "fact" : strong cash-flow. VERY strong. Believing in such?

This is serious ... how do they get to be listed in the first place? Any idea?

Now, as it is sitting at 10cents ... many retailers will think of it as cheap. Stocks such as Glotec, Sanichi, Sinotop ... will attract those punters. Do punt at own risk

Time for my lunch ...


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