Thursday, October 16, 2014

Breaking 1780 today?

Inari : traded her this morning ... was waiting at RM2(LOL) but it opened RM2.04. Grabbed 2.06 to 2.15, sold 2.13 and 2.18 done. It hit 2.19 high for the day. Will wait later to see what to do ... zzz...

I went for lunch ... and taken two pictures to share in my FB. Haha ... yes, don't know what to buy with cash in hand ... look around for signs!! haha.

Weida : Spotted near just now ... while waiting for traffic-light to turn green.

Broken 1.60 level on Monday, rebounded yesterday but ... now is RM1.56. Yesterday low is RM1.51 ... so? so? can buy or not ... the LRT-construction site already giving me ''hint''? hmm ...

During my lunch .. saw another hint!!

Boilermac : At 1.56 now, breaking 1.60 today? Good sign to buy? so?

Ok ... KLCI opening, dropping below 10points again, 1774.

Inari : bought RM2.05 again done ... checking closing later.

to cheer everyone ... here is a nice song from the leng-chai. like the music ... hehe



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