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Trying to be ? Please give up the acquaintance market , carefully explore the new veins !


Translation : Some people do not worry about their own market contacts , QQ friends less and less micro-letter friends , fear not do ..


Translation : If the business can only be sold to a friend , that do business will collapse all failed, even more is that you do not know who in this world , to give an acquaintance market it.


Translation : When you decide to do your own business, just starting out , your friends will not believe you are 90% , 80% of people think that you might be brainwashed, including your family ; small achievement when you and your friend 70 % of people think you do not have the ability, but good luck ; when you start on the revenue up, 50% of people think that your career is just beginning , is not the time to make money .

This morning, while having dim-sum with wife for breakfast, she was reading these lines to me and I get excited. Yes, a material to share in my blog. Very true. But, I do not know Chinese. Hmm ... google-translate for non-Chinese readers(like me).

When we started out our own business, 90% of your surrounding people will not believe that you are serious. So, when I told people around me that I m going into stock-markets and plan to be a good trader(and trainer, one day) ... in 2008, no many people around are supportive. Good people around me will advise me on the very high risk on stock-markets where one could lose all the money? I do know they meant good ...

80% of people might think that I am being brain-washed ... and stock-market is a get-rich-quick scheme. I have to repeat that I want to be a trader, not those gamblers in markets. I do understand now why 80% of retailers losing money ... they are gambling without knowledge. Retailers are brain-washed that market is a place to earn money, without understanding the RISK they are exposed to. Yes, brain-washed by advertisement ... many so-called sifus/gurus attracting them there with stating they earn few hundreds percent and such. I went to a market talk by a sifu(unknown back then), very active and popular in i3 now ... stating he earned RM1mil plus trading Gamuda-wd. I went with my another two experienced tratles and we could only shake our heads. Many more such sifus ... we are brain-washed by their abilities to be millionaires! If u r newbie or naïve (immature in trading), you will be brain-washed by the runners in forums too ... telling you XYZ is under-valued. Or perhaps, some insider news spreading around that WXY will be taken private!! Heck ... advertisements ... so misleading! I wish I could employ a marketer to help me to market ME. Haha.

Get your point right ... get your senses together. Grow up. Use common sense ... and you will understand the power of advertisements. An author of a stock-market book is not good in trading, ok? He is a writer, not a trader. A trainer who gave technical-trainer may not even a trader at all ... he is being trained to speak about technical charting! A blogger like me talk about stock-market may not be a trader too ... I just write about my opinions and observations. Afterall, that is what bloggers do ... we blog. I added some nice songs for your entertainment ... how is that? Hehe ...

Yes ... now I have achieved small success in my trading ... 70% of them around will be thinking I am lucky. Yup ... I still have many around me will be wondering about my luck. Don't worry, I have rotated my table and I have the wall behind my back ... and will put up a picture of mountain, to enhance my feng-shui. Definitely we do need some luck in trading ... but, it is all about hours-days-years of experiences and experimenting. Well ... I am ok to be branded as lucky to survive, thus far. I may never claim I have the abilities in trading ... but I am learning. How those critics? Are you all profiting well in markets ... or just talk and criticize? Your choice.

Note : I am at this 70% stage now ... yes, 70% around still watching me moving ... and wondering when my luck will run out? These including my family ... who are seeing my results so far.

When my performance showing consistency, 50% around will think that my trading career is just taking shape ... but I have actually done thousands of hours of work ... and shared with hundreds of people my trades. Still there are 50% around wont even bother to notice ...


Translation : When you start slowly and they have things you need , such as: income, family , career, car, house, 30 percent of the people they will say to you the thumbs up , you're doing great things ! At this time all your friends will tell you it is mixed , both know , do not know .

Yes ... when I am  reaching further ... when I am becoming full-time trader(I am still not, as I m still have hours of tuition classes per day) ... and successfully manage to trade well, financial rewards will come ... trading becoming a career ... teaching trading is part of my job. I will be mentor to many traders to be ... as being a trader, I could be at anywhere and having the flexibility. A full-time 9-5pm job is really stressful ... and boring to me. Then ... 30% of people around will give me a thumb up, such as approving the road I have taken. When I am able to change my Proton to Honda, I am at this stage. Yup ... 30% ... only 30% of them will respect your success ... tho we knew well that we started from ground-zero.


Translation : This world is so everything is hard in the beginning , but if you accept their fate , the poor poorer people , the rich will be more money, because the icing on the cake to be more urgently needed than ever , there are always some people are destined to be poor , some people destined to be rich.

Poor mindset .. poor financial mentality people will remain poor. Totally agreed as I was financial idiot merely 8 years ago ... then, becoming financially normal about 5 years ago ... 4 years ago, I was still in huge debts ... but, due to ''luck'' in trading stock-markets, I managed to profit well to clear all my debt(credit cards, personal loans, mom and aunties). At the beginning ... when I started out, losing my keropok-biz after hours of hardship for 2-3 years, and started with KLCI ... the 2008 market crash given me a good lesson ... painful yet valuable lesson. Today, my financial mindset have changed and still learning to improve further ... learning from those ''rich'' ones ... their mentality is very different from normal crowds(wage earners and those poor financial mentality).

Stop complaining it is hard ... it is your mindset that you need to work on. Stop blaming others, u r at fault. Stop comparing yourself to others ... think(need brain ... u got?) ... what should I do to be a better person than I was yesterday?

Read all those good successful articles, instead of wasting TIME in chatting .. wasting time watching TV/movie ... wasting time finding faults in others, wasting so much time and energy arguing ... many things are OUR own doings. Take responsibilities. Start with such simple things ... be positive, be motivated, be strong ... and move on. If you cant do that, it is ok ... you are just the normal 80% losers in stock-market. Don't worry ... majority on your side. Are you comfortable with that? Your choice.


Translation : The difference between the rich and poor is not entirely depend on your background , financial capability. But rather depends on who dare to change , and who has the courage to try new courage , who dare to stick to their ideological opposition in others , adhere to their own minds . There are many opportunities for every second , and only choose to try anything , tried, you will know which is your own opportunity

I was born poor ... my parents was hawkers in Chow-kit road. We kids was given to our aunties/granny to take care, without nay money much. But ... we survived, and we bro/sis doing very well, indeed. Yup ... my mindset was stuck to be lecturer ... and not understanding the financial aspect of lives. Our cost of living, savings ... emm ... investing? Nothing .. I had nothing to show, but debt. DARE to change .. I took it with me ... as I was in such desperate situation ... with two young babies to feed!! I was looked down by few people surround me back then .. hmm .. merely 5 years ago. I have no intention to show or tell them off. The change of mindset ... moving into trading and tuition-biz changed my whole financial situation ... it feels great.

Think .. improve your skills in ANYTHING useful. Spend time on that ... not wasting time. To me, time is money. I used all my time ... 4-6 hours per day for past 6 years, to learn to trade. I do not spend time in forums, yakking around and many talk rubbish there. If one could understand why TIME is very important in investing, they will not waste their time ... but will wake up early in the morning, get themselves physically fit ... and focus in their goals.

FGV : Bought RM3, sold RM3.15, bought back 3.08, sold 3.20 ... last Friday, bought back 3.24, sold 3.33 this morning, bought back 3.40 and sold 3.49 done. Game over for FGV for today.


Translation : Create opportunities for adventure who first set foot in life will be more opportunities for success , the timid lurkers , was pulled farther the distance , the last "aircraft ass " can not see ......

We must create opportunities for ourselves ... and continue to move on. This is my TRADING adventure blog ... my adventure on HOW I was a total idiot, total newbie ... and not only survive the market crash in 2008, but pulled myself up ... slowly and steadily increase my knowledge. I invested MONEY(that I do not have back then) and TIME(lots of it) and to create opportunities for myself ... KLSE is a place where opportunities aplenty ... in daily or weekly basis, we will certainly have many many trading opportunities ... the more instruments, more sectors, more stocks in our stock-watch ... we could take the opportunity, when arises. Those look-see-look-see ... and keep talking ... will miss all the learning part, wasting their time ... and regret. Regretting is something I do not allow to be in my trading system ... or life.


Translation : He is still no hope from the beginning comprehension familiar with the market , did not expect someone else's team , everything from scratch, since the choice of innovation , it is necessary and in the past , said: friends! I can not afford you ! I would not choose to work mentality old acquaintance , because their appetite already raised !

to be continued ... MAY BE

got class now.


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