Friday, October 31, 2014

Trading Mistakes

Tonight e-meeting 10.00pm 

Topic : Trading Mistakes

Those who cant take the pain of losing, and not matured enough are NOT advisable to listen as I m going to point out our trading mistakes.

But, only thru mistakes we could learn ... and improve.

See u all online ...

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Yeah ... bullish again?

It is not a good joke ... but, everyone is delighted .. good morning to DOW up 221.11 points. Yeah ... told u that retailers will jump in big this time ... ini kali la ...

KLCI still have some upside, but the RISK is higher now. Those chasing hot-stocks, good luck to all.

KLCI : Could it stay up above 200MA now? 1865 next resistance ... can sell all and go for Nov holiday ...

My trips away for holiday in Nov/Dec.

Sepang : GoldCoast ... nice ... my fav place to escape.

Malacca : mid of Nov ... to meet members and have a market talk. Those in Malacca to meet, do keep in touch.

Sabah : In Dec ... excited as Sabah is the place my heart wants to be. Will have a day off for Trading Workshop and Market talk. Contact me those in KK.

AAX : Sold 79cents when market bullish. Bought yesterday.

BJCorp : Sold part at 50.5 as I was collecting around 48-49 cents. Keep another portion for them to goreng. Sold another part 52.5 cents done too. Great.

Caring : A very un-caring counter for the investors now as it is moving to new low in such bullish market.

That is the ABC in my stock-list. Caring ... watching but not catching yet.

MyEg : Brekaout to new high today. I bought into her ... wish me luck.

Today is end of OCT.  I am clearing most of my stocks for doing some accounting. It is a good time to sell when everyone is back with good news ... such as SMRT the cheapest education stock? hmm ... buy or bye?

Today is also for new members to join my stock-watch. Do contact me at

This weekend cohort-14 will be postponed to end of Nov. Let the market corrects again, otherwise ... everyone becoming good in trading now. Hmm ...

Have to go for classes ... and have a nice trading day.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Some updates : DNex and DRBHcom

DNex : Now they will be talking about DNex ... doesn't matter if the company is selling roti or shoe, heck ... buy today, sure ... huat arr!! Then ... they will pray that tmr it will go HIGHER. Perhaps breaking 40cents tomorrow, buying more and ... yes, ini kali la.

If one has bought DNex at 35 cents previously, it went to 25cents recently ... are you still holding in pain, quietly praying ... and today, you are so so happy that you endure the pain ... and by tmr, IF it shoots above 40cents ... you will praise yourself for your bravery or perhaps thanking God that your prayers come true? You should thank your lucky star! Many more penny stocks is recovering ... to entice more retailers to jump in. If you think these loser-retailers have learnt from their lesson recently, you are wrong ... it is HUMAN NATURE la ... that is why normal human(without common sense) will never be able to trade well.  Since when gamblers will learn? Admit it ... you were lucky!

On the other hand, imagine that you bought at 35cents and due to so much of pain, you cut-loss ... say at 28cents. It went to 25cents ... consoling yourself that LUCKILY you sold early ... it went to 25cents. But ... today, you watched your DNex shot up to 35cents again ... you are in such a pain ... arrghhh ... heck, buyback at 35cents!! Ini kali la ...

See the no common sense of retailers gambling in markets? I met so so many, reading from forums ... there are plenty. And more ... some sifus might come out to tell you he bought at 25 cents and sold at 35cents ... in less than 2 weeks? See? You are biased .. your mind are blinded ... and such a logical common sense in you thrown out simply because of GREED ...

Till retailers realize such mistakes(most will not ... 80%), they will not understand why such things happening and try to predict when a stock will be goreng-ed.

DRB : Update from the chart I posted just now ... now, it closed lower, 2.11 ... and as I have said earlier .. it will formed a bearish crossover in stochastic. I do not have crystal ball ... indicators are Mathematically calculated with some formula(which I do not understand in depth, either). What I do know is I m planning to move in DRB again ... re-trade and wait at RM2.06 level now ... that is NOT a buy call, ok?

Those retailers will be yakking around in forums saying about Iriz is not good quality and sales may not be good? What a waste of time  ... as if we know and how is that translated into their P&L ... and affecting their share-price next week? Speculators ... they are everywhere. How about talking about 20cents increase in petrol price, and many might abandon their Benz or BMW ... and grabbing Inspira? After all, fuel subsidy is for lower income person like me who is driving a 1.3 Proton, right?

DOW up 140 points at the moment ... hurray for those punted into DNex ... the most popular stock of the day ... congrats.

Night ... sweet dream, then.


Still buying speculative counters?

I was shared this link ... my previous page about teaching trading. Will elaborate after I re-read my previous old post which a member who followed me for since 2012 telling me ... about how he lost money before joining me ... and now, after 3 years with me, glad he is a learning to be good trader. Will share his words .. to show that I was able to be his ''mentor'' tho we are miles away.

While MANY so-called guru with huge group following them to PLAY, GAMBLE and PUNT into lousy counters ... recently lost A LOT of money, the members will be keep quiet. They knew they are the one who took the RISK. Serious issue of GREED in SO MANY retailers .. LAZY yet want EASY money. So, they followed some tips given ... and recent sharp correction killing many. Still want to buy speculative counters? YOU THINK using brain for a while. Are you game enough for it?

Those so-called sifus who attract retailers to their group by promoting 10-20% profits in less than a week? I believe many members got burnt ... and keeping quiet? If u bought into it, ask the sifu when to sell. Now huge paper-loss, still can hold or not as those companies are lousy fundamentally? But, why they promoting such stocks? Because that is what retailers want ... suckers!! Hmm... serious mental block.  zzz ... they will never learn, more newbies coming into markets and believing that they will profit from tips ... and they will be WINNERS. Hmm ... 80% of them in market losing ... it cant be ME. Hmm ... why? Because we over-rated our own intelligence ... zero LOGIC.

Trading is NOT gambling or punting. There is a fine line to be drawn and I am sure I drawn it clearly.

DRB : This is trading ... market bearish. DRB formed inverted hammer, with high volume. The risk was low at RM2 level entry, RSI showing oversold with KLCI is oversold too. Then, at RM2.24, I asked member to SELL at 2.24 level. Hanging man formed, nearing to resistance. Then, we see ... stochastic moving fast into over-bought region. If today closing lower, we expecting bearish crossover in stochastic. Then ... we will re-plan to trade again.

KNM : A down-trending counter ... imagine buy at RM1, and did not cut-loss. Many bought KNM before 2008 crash ... and have not get to their cost price. It went to 40cents ... guess what, it is at 80cents now. Could we average down KNM at current level? Ask your sifu, dealer, remisier ... your friend or whoever at all given you TIPS to buy KNM, and telling u it is under-valued ... or some rumour .. hot-news etc etc. THINK(need brain again ... sigh ... still working or simply want to profit and tell stories it is down due to crude-oil price down? Serious?).

Majority retailers (80%) are losers and will continue to be losers as they believe in such TIPS. They believe that The Edge written about those news are for them to get rich. Or perhaps, their friendly remisier giving them first hand hot tips ... (psstt ... don't tell others, you are my best customer ... I tell u buy first) ... perhaps broker reports yelling us to BUY XYZ or WXY ... then, we naively went to forum ... the noisy market-place to talk, brag, share argue opinions ... and knowing majority believing it is under-valued, wow ... we quietly bought into it, thinking we have a good catch.

Let us plan where I should go ... for Christmas IF the stock I bought hugely going to fly? Let me see ... our brain telling us ... we are smart to buy early. And endorsed by our so-called sifu .. our so-called friendly remisier ... our great broker report ... plus support by the forum community. WOW ... ini kali la ... WOW.

We have thrown our logic out ... we are convinced that this will be our killing. Oh yes, since we are lazy gamblers ... we easily forgotten about our losses. Our recent pain? no? wow ... continue to keep quiet .. with many stocks way below our cost price. Ignore them ... buy new TIPs. Sound familiar enough?

Do you know that when market corrected sharply recently I received few e-mail asking me about their stocks? And do you know that they have more than 10 PENNY SPECULATIVE counters in their portfolio ... they don't even know what the companies doing ... plus don't even know why they bought into them? A SERIOUS issue of mental block, irrational traders/gamblers in stock-markets. Without them, how are funds, operators going to profit? Tell me .. someone have to lose, right??

I am ASSURING many readers here ... most in forums losing money buying into those speculative counters. Do not believe me ... do a survey. See if they going to tell you why they buy into those punting counters. Also, ask them(nicely la) where they got the tips ... which sifu(s) asking them to buy ... and also what they should do now with that losses. Keeping in the fridge is not an answer. MONEY stuck inside ... cant average down as it is lousy losing money company ... cant cut-loss as it is down by 20% or more ... but but ... believe me again, these gamblers WILL buy into more speculative counters to WIN back. ouch ... did I just said WIN back? Revenge-trading as we known it is for those gamblers. That is not trading. Traders take a trade due to better reward against the risk.

Anyway ... in markets, we will always have new fools believing in trading software, trading sifu, trading tips, trading books ... those buy-sell calls ... etc etc.

Till newbies understand that they WILL lose money in stock markets, and MORE in future if they do not wish to learn first ... sorry is a hard word to say.

KLCI closed 1842.47

Good trading day : My trades done with my group today are good ... suddenly everyone becoming bullish?

Sold Armada, BJAuto. Bought AAX, Yinson and Yinson-cb, Supermax ... day-trading on DNex, SMRT, SMRT-wa, IOIPG.

Those wish to check on my trades(live), please contact me at

Time for cycling.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

KLCI bullish day

Last minute they scored to win .. phew. And KLCI celebrated with a 12 points gain at the moment. wow. Talking about bull-market again? Hmm ... time to sell more to the retailers as they are coming in, I could sense that now.

So ... KLCI going into BULL again ... buy buy buy? I am saying bye-bye-bye.

Where are all around when I was busy buying 2-3 weeks ago? Excuse me, KLCI was oversold ... now, RSI should be around 60? With 1840 resistance, it is time to REDUCE.

I don't know ... I do know it is very confusing. I thought when market in fear, we supposed to be greedy. So ... when I bought ... some people advised me about the high risk catching knives ... such as buy FGV below RM3.10, buying BJToto below RM3.50, Inari below RM2.20, MyEg below RM3.30 ... and many more. It was crazy with panic-selling ... again, I thought fear = buy?

Today, I can feel retailers want vengeance after being bashed by market for a month ... bruised and wounded. Some quit(good for them) ... while many in great pain of losing money. If u are buying good stocks, why are u worrying so much for NEXT correction? But ... again, they are retailers ... without much knowledge, just GREED emotion to earn easy-money(don't be silly, if it is THAT easy ... no one is working). If those software could trade well and earn money, IBs will BUY into them for millions. WAKE UP .. those selling u software are SALESMEN. And those telling u how they gain 10-20% or 50% profits ... hahaha ... they could be a trader for banks. Banks will employ these so-called great sifus ... haha ... and if they are that good, they do not need to work?

Hey, PMetal was below RM5 merely 2 weeks ago. Now is RM6.40 ... why are you talking about aluminum prices now? I am confused ... why retailers are naïve ... but I could understand as I was at their newbie-level once ... believing in bloggers, media ... remisiers/dealers ... even believing in broker reports. If u r newbie, WAKE UP. Do not trust anyone much .. do not trust me too. I am just a blogger.

Then, who should we trust? OURSELVES.

Use your brain ... its function is to THINK and use common sense. Enough said.

DRB : If only u could see the inverted hammer formed, u will understand why I bought. Yesterday it formed a hanging-man, then you will understand it is time to sell.

Cohort-14 : I am planning for another trading workshop this weekend. Sat and Sun. For details, contact me at

Will update the KLCI chart .. nice white candle for you. Perhaps, more retailers coming in to BUY and lets KLCI break 1850 ... lets party again to 1888?


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Keeping fit : Physically and Mentally

The Trading Mindset Exercise

Unfortunately, many people who start trading find success difficult to achieve, certainly in the period of time immediately after starting. Trading is a challenging endeavour that has torn people from all across the world across generations, from every extreme of their emotions. It is our money that is directly involved in trading and therefore at risk, and the potential of making more money is our primary motivation for beginning this undertaking.

Therefore any emotions that we may associate with other endeavours are heightened because money is something that seems to accentuate any natural human emotions that we have. Ironically, it is the money that encourages the vast majority to attempt to trade yet it is the money that causes most people to fail.

In his book, ‘Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom’, the renowned American psychologist Dr. Van Tharp discusses in several parts how important your psychology or mindset is to your trading success. He graphically depicts the significance of your psychology using a pie chart and explaining that there are three ‘Ingredients to Trading’. They are System, Money Management and Psychology. In the pie chart, the System is 10%, Money Management is 30% and the remaining 60% is psychology.

Note : My trading is 20% Method, 30% Management and 50% Mindset. This is oppose to what the majority of those newbies or novices think. Most people attended courses to learn technical-analysis and more indicators. Ridiculous. That is only 20%(or 10%) of what is needed in trading. Focus in YOUR MINDSET ... it is what inside your head and emotion that is playing you out. Not others. So, control that ... and you will be taking first step to be a better human ... a better trader.

Why does a psychologist who has spent his entire professional life counselling traders of all experience levels say that so much of your trading hinges on your psychology?

The key is that your mind drives everything you do in your life and trading is no exception. Your emotions are a part of who you are and your decision making process. Decision making is a large part of trading, as you need to make decisions often and many of them are difficult decisions. Furthermore, people like to break rules, even ones they set themselves.

Taken from :

To be a better trader, I need to be fit. So, time to get back to my cycling.

Next year 2015 is nearing ... I have so many things to prepare myself, to be good trader as I wanted to be.

Time to stay focus ... and check on things I needed.


CSL : Can't be trusted

Brain not working ... didn't even bother to think of a title for my today's post. hmm ... CSL then.

KLCI down about 3 points at the moment, as more retailers jumping into the penny-stocks again(some still with huge paper-losses). So ... today and tmr might be a profit-taking day.

BJCorp : It is not under-valued, of coz. Some asked me that. It is a hot-stock. How is a hot-stock under-valued? But, it is a trading-buy.

CSL : This fella is very un-trustworthy. It dived to 7cents and rebounded to 14cents ... yeah. Doubled. 100%. Haha ... that is how people will promote their trades. Now, sitting at 10cents ... what is next? I don't know .. what I do know is ... they will push it up again for them to distribute to greedy newbies-novices ... or those inexperienced punters.

CSL : This was the IPO time ... all the promises ... 95 cents, jumped to 1.40 ... wow ... dived back to 95cents ... and fly off to 1.80 level. What are they selling again? Nope ... not VCD, but I guess it is stationaries. This is a china-company listed in KLSE. If you are new in market, u may not know. Check few of those china-companies listed here ... most of them selling shoes ... got wine too, if not mistaken.

Yes ... if you bought at RM1 average level and still holding, it might never see RM1 anymore ... unless someone speculate that it will be taken private due to its strong fundamentals and cheap valuation?

Why is it in PN17? Is it? I don't know as I never really check on her. I do heard of the ''fire'' news and I was like .. oh boy, they using that as the reason/excuse not to produce the reports? Can anyone help those retailers who bought into CSL and stuck with huge losses now?


No one could help these speculators ... sorry, I could not advice if to sell at 10cents if your average is at RM1 .. or 50cents ... or even 20cents. We just need to accept our mistakes and take responsibilities. If your remisier or dealers asked you to buy, then ask him/her when to SELL. They will be glad if u done any trades ... win or lose, they are always in the winning side. I do know many good remisiers/dealers ... but to those who just want to earn some fees, think of your clients .. ok? Buying into such "lousy" China stocks, the risk is VERY high.

CSL: Reveals damage. China Stationery Ltd (CSL), which has been in the limelight due to its inability to finalise its audited accounts for last year due to a fire, disclosed an estimated loss of CNY332.7m (RM171.6m) arising from the incident. This amount, without taking into account the compensation from insurance, is equivalent to 86% of the earnings it made last year. For the financial year ended Dec 31, 2013 (FY13), the stationery maker recorded profits of CNY388m (RM200m). The company‟s estimated losses, however, are mitigated by the insurance amount it is entitled to claim. It estimated that the losses after the insurance claim of CNY142.5m, comes up to CNY190.2m (RM98.1m). (StarBiz)

err .. somehow or rather, china-stocks are of low PE .. very very low. In general, low PE is good, but can we really trust their reported earnings?

PE = price of the stocks/earning per share(EPS)

If the earnings per share is HIGH ... then, PE is low. But some PE is lower than 2? wow ... under-valued gems?

How about this "fact" : strong cash-flow. VERY strong. Believing in such?

This is serious ... how do they get to be listed in the first place? Any idea?

Now, as it is sitting at 10cents ... many retailers will think of it as cheap. Stocks such as Glotec, Sanichi, Sinotop ... will attract those punters. Do punt at own risk

Time for my lunch ...


Monday, October 27, 2014


Taken from :


Trying to be ? Please give up the acquaintance market , carefully explore the new veins !


Translation : Some people do not worry about their own market contacts , QQ friends less and less micro-letter friends , fear not do ..


Translation : If the business can only be sold to a friend , that do business will collapse all failed, even more is that you do not know who in this world , to give an acquaintance market it.


Translation : When you decide to do your own business, just starting out , your friends will not believe you are 90% , 80% of people think that you might be brainwashed, including your family ; small achievement when you and your friend 70 % of people think you do not have the ability, but good luck ; when you start on the revenue up, 50% of people think that your career is just beginning , is not the time to make money .

This morning, while having dim-sum with wife for breakfast, she was reading these lines to me and I get excited. Yes, a material to share in my blog. Very true. But, I do not know Chinese. Hmm ... google-translate for non-Chinese readers(like me).

When we started out our own business, 90% of your surrounding people will not believe that you are serious. So, when I told people around me that I m going into stock-markets and plan to be a good trader(and trainer, one day) ... in 2008, no many people around are supportive. Good people around me will advise me on the very high risk on stock-markets where one could lose all the money? I do know they meant good ...

80% of people might think that I am being brain-washed ... and stock-market is a get-rich-quick scheme. I have to repeat that I want to be a trader, not those gamblers in markets. I do understand now why 80% of retailers losing money ... they are gambling without knowledge. Retailers are brain-washed that market is a place to earn money, without understanding the RISK they are exposed to. Yes, brain-washed by advertisement ... many so-called sifus/gurus attracting them there with stating they earn few hundreds percent and such. I went to a market talk by a sifu(unknown back then), very active and popular in i3 now ... stating he earned RM1mil plus trading Gamuda-wd. I went with my another two experienced tratles and we could only shake our heads. Many more such sifus ... we are brain-washed by their abilities to be millionaires! If u r newbie or naïve (immature in trading), you will be brain-washed by the runners in forums too ... telling you XYZ is under-valued. Or perhaps, some insider news spreading around that WXY will be taken private!! Heck ... advertisements ... so misleading! I wish I could employ a marketer to help me to market ME. Haha.

Get your point right ... get your senses together. Grow up. Use common sense ... and you will understand the power of advertisements. An author of a stock-market book is not good in trading, ok? He is a writer, not a trader. A trainer who gave technical-trainer may not even a trader at all ... he is being trained to speak about technical charting! A blogger like me talk about stock-market may not be a trader too ... I just write about my opinions and observations. Afterall, that is what bloggers do ... we blog. I added some nice songs for your entertainment ... how is that? Hehe ...

Yes ... now I have achieved small success in my trading ... 70% of them around will be thinking I am lucky. Yup ... I still have many around me will be wondering about my luck. Don't worry, I have rotated my table and I have the wall behind my back ... and will put up a picture of mountain, to enhance my feng-shui. Definitely we do need some luck in trading ... but, it is all about hours-days-years of experiences and experimenting. Well ... I am ok to be branded as lucky to survive, thus far. I may never claim I have the abilities in trading ... but I am learning. How those critics? Are you all profiting well in markets ... or just talk and criticize? Your choice.

Note : I am at this 70% stage now ... yes, 70% around still watching me moving ... and wondering when my luck will run out? These including my family ... who are seeing my results so far.

When my performance showing consistency, 50% around will think that my trading career is just taking shape ... but I have actually done thousands of hours of work ... and shared with hundreds of people my trades. Still there are 50% around wont even bother to notice ...


Translation : When you start slowly and they have things you need , such as: income, family , career, car, house, 30 percent of the people they will say to you the thumbs up , you're doing great things ! At this time all your friends will tell you it is mixed , both know , do not know .

Yes ... when I am  reaching further ... when I am becoming full-time trader(I am still not, as I m still have hours of tuition classes per day) ... and successfully manage to trade well, financial rewards will come ... trading becoming a career ... teaching trading is part of my job. I will be mentor to many traders to be ... as being a trader, I could be at anywhere and having the flexibility. A full-time 9-5pm job is really stressful ... and boring to me. Then ... 30% of people around will give me a thumb up, such as approving the road I have taken. When I am able to change my Proton to Honda, I am at this stage. Yup ... 30% ... only 30% of them will respect your success ... tho we knew well that we started from ground-zero.


Translation : This world is so everything is hard in the beginning , but if you accept their fate , the poor poorer people , the rich will be more money, because the icing on the cake to be more urgently needed than ever , there are always some people are destined to be poor , some people destined to be rich.

Poor mindset .. poor financial mentality people will remain poor. Totally agreed as I was financial idiot merely 8 years ago ... then, becoming financially normal about 5 years ago ... 4 years ago, I was still in huge debts ... but, due to ''luck'' in trading stock-markets, I managed to profit well to clear all my debt(credit cards, personal loans, mom and aunties). At the beginning ... when I started out, losing my keropok-biz after hours of hardship for 2-3 years, and started with KLCI ... the 2008 market crash given me a good lesson ... painful yet valuable lesson. Today, my financial mindset have changed and still learning to improve further ... learning from those ''rich'' ones ... their mentality is very different from normal crowds(wage earners and those poor financial mentality).

Stop complaining it is hard ... it is your mindset that you need to work on. Stop blaming others, u r at fault. Stop comparing yourself to others ... think(need brain ... u got?) ... what should I do to be a better person than I was yesterday?

Read all those good successful articles, instead of wasting TIME in chatting .. wasting time watching TV/movie ... wasting time finding faults in others, wasting so much time and energy arguing ... many things are OUR own doings. Take responsibilities. Start with such simple things ... be positive, be motivated, be strong ... and move on. If you cant do that, it is ok ... you are just the normal 80% losers in stock-market. Don't worry ... majority on your side. Are you comfortable with that? Your choice.


Translation : The difference between the rich and poor is not entirely depend on your background , financial capability. But rather depends on who dare to change , and who has the courage to try new courage , who dare to stick to their ideological opposition in others , adhere to their own minds . There are many opportunities for every second , and only choose to try anything , tried, you will know which is your own opportunity

I was born poor ... my parents was hawkers in Chow-kit road. We kids was given to our aunties/granny to take care, without nay money much. But ... we survived, and we bro/sis doing very well, indeed. Yup ... my mindset was stuck to be lecturer ... and not understanding the financial aspect of lives. Our cost of living, savings ... emm ... investing? Nothing .. I had nothing to show, but debt. DARE to change .. I took it with me ... as I was in such desperate situation ... with two young babies to feed!! I was looked down by few people surround me back then .. hmm .. merely 5 years ago. I have no intention to show or tell them off. The change of mindset ... moving into trading and tuition-biz changed my whole financial situation ... it feels great.

Think .. improve your skills in ANYTHING useful. Spend time on that ... not wasting time. To me, time is money. I used all my time ... 4-6 hours per day for past 6 years, to learn to trade. I do not spend time in forums, yakking around and many talk rubbish there. If one could understand why TIME is very important in investing, they will not waste their time ... but will wake up early in the morning, get themselves physically fit ... and focus in their goals.

FGV : Bought RM3, sold RM3.15, bought back 3.08, sold 3.20 ... last Friday, bought back 3.24, sold 3.33 this morning, bought back 3.40 and sold 3.49 done. Game over for FGV for today.


Translation : Create opportunities for adventure who first set foot in life will be more opportunities for success , the timid lurkers , was pulled farther the distance , the last "aircraft ass " can not see ......

We must create opportunities for ourselves ... and continue to move on. This is my TRADING adventure blog ... my adventure on HOW I was a total idiot, total newbie ... and not only survive the market crash in 2008, but pulled myself up ... slowly and steadily increase my knowledge. I invested MONEY(that I do not have back then) and TIME(lots of it) and to create opportunities for myself ... KLSE is a place where opportunities aplenty ... in daily or weekly basis, we will certainly have many many trading opportunities ... the more instruments, more sectors, more stocks in our stock-watch ... we could take the opportunity, when arises. Those look-see-look-see ... and keep talking ... will miss all the learning part, wasting their time ... and regret. Regretting is something I do not allow to be in my trading system ... or life.


Translation : He is still no hope from the beginning comprehension familiar with the market , did not expect someone else's team , everything from scratch, since the choice of innovation , it is necessary and in the past , said: friends! I can not afford you ! I would not choose to work mentality old acquaintance , because their appetite already raised !

to be continued ... MAY BE

got class now.


Monday blues


Liverpool : ... drew at home vs Hull. sigh. BR got few things not right ... Mario is not good enough. Coutinho and Henderson should start. Last year was Coutinho, Sterling, Sturridge and Suarez combination that brings goals ... Mario has no pace and finishing. Ok, Sturridge injured. Why over-work Sterling? Henderson been doing well ... these guys have pace, not Mario. : To revive ... and see how I could use it to record all my trades, but meant for my stock-watch members only. Yes, it is another added-value for my trading group as I m moving to be a trader ...

Cohort-13 : Sat-Sun, I had a trading-workshop with a batch of mixed age group. Yes, I teach trading using charts ... to trade consistent with trading plan. NOT gambling or punting. Not lucky to profit in those lousy stocks ... and recently, when market dived ... I believe 80% retailers do not escape the killings. Well, if the response is there ... I will have another this weekend.

DRB : Hitting 2.19 today, bottoming out of RM2 level ... market sentiment is recovering.  I sold her 2.18 done just now. Thank you.

FGV : Hitting 3.33 resistance, high at 3.34. I am selling. Thank you.

Many stocks are recovering. But, as majority did not sell BEFORE the selldown, many stuck without bullets to buy.

got to take a nap ...


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Secret Millionaires

There are many millionaires around ... who don't show their big flashy cars or what have you to show, but they lives amongst us ... doing normal things and help others. Self-made millionaires are inspirational ... as they strive and face obstacles, persistence and never quit.

Their brain and energy is focus in achieving their goals. They do not brag ... they have no time to argue or quarrel. They do not have space for negative normal people, yet they realise of their critics and their enemies.

I have my goal ... to be a good trader. Then, when I have successfully done that, I will want to help other traders ... perhaps create a trader community and teach others about investing/trading for charity. Yes ... all proceeds should go into donations for those needing ...

I do know that I have struggled 6 years ... and will have another 4-5 years to go. Quitting my full-time teaching job is for me to move into that direction. To be a better trader ... and to learn new trading techniques ... instruments.

Need to prepare for my session II of my trading-workshop. I had one yesterday ... and I do have areas to improve ... Hope my new tratles could absorb what I am teaching. I heard that few of them attended some trading workshop too. Question should be ... are we still losing money AFTER attending trading workshops or are you expect to gain back your fees? it is a long journey ...

Have a nice Sunday


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trading MIstakes

Trading Problem #1 – No Patience on Entry

Trading Problem #2 – Selling Too Soon

Trading Problem #3 – Letting Small Losses Turn in to Big Losses

Trading Problem #4 – Trading Low Probability Opportunities

Trading Problem #5 – Overtrading

Trading Problem #6 – Hesitation

Trading Problem #7 – Letting Winners Turn in to Losers

Will like to write a out these as these are my problems too. And will share with my newbies later on how to improve.


Stock Watch : DRBHcom

Morning ... what a good rebound last week and after the Deepavali off, we are expecting more retailers to be back in force to market.

So, KLCI recovering from 1767 to 1819 ... cool rebound, right? But many stocks have not back to the level before they dived. So, the party is going to start again. Do observe that KLCI is hitting resistance now and we may see some profit-taking next week.

DOW up yet another 127 points. What else? Amazon dropped 8% yesterday!

I have asked my group to SELL those stocks we bought at the dip.

BJToto : As we moved in at 3.40-3.50 level, as it rebounded sharply to RM3.70, it is a SELL to me as it is hitting 50MA resistance. And not much as upside in BJToto ... moving the funds into something better, such as DRB?

Boilermac : It hit 20MA resistance yesterday ... so, it is a sell. We bought at RM1.50 level, so RM1.68 is a good level to sell after sharp rebound.

Yinson : Hitting resistance 20MA at RM2.90. I have asked my group to take profits as we bought at RM2.50 level. I sold too. See if I could buyback if it retraces?

Yinson-cb : As the mommy is expected to rebound, I bought into the call-warrant for short punt. Bought 0.07-0.075 and sold at 0.085. That is more than 10%, but risky.

Stock-Pick : DRBHcom

DRB ... I sold at 2.28 before the ex-dividend. And I bought back yesterday as it break the RM2.06. RM2.20 resistance is taking as a target to sell next week. If one has the holding power, which I do not ... one may hold to resistance of RM2.25. DRB is less volatile ... so, it is suitable for those BUSY(and lazy) ... who want to buy into lagging good counter. It is one of the easier to trade counter where I buy when it oversold(RSI below 30) and sell when RSI reaching about 70.

Disclaimer : This is not a buy-call. I am just sharing one of my buying which I shared in my stock-watch.

If you  wish to join my stock-watch, do let me know ( I do buy good stocks and at times, I do buy few speculative counters. I prefer trading, rather than gambling.

Time for breakfast ... then prepare myself for my cohort-13 workshop this afternoon! Kinda excited!!

Have a nice weekend.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Greed is back?

It is almost 4pm ... I just finished with a class and busy chatting with my trading group about the trades we took.

Asking them to take profits on Armada, Boilermac, Yinson and BJToto. Today MPHB is flying off .. SMRT hitting resistance 73, and DRB showing reversal. These are few trades we are taking ...

Day-trading Opensys and SMRT. Many more ... cant recall ...

I will be discussing simple trading plan with my new tratles tmr(cohort-13). Kinda excited to meet more traders, especially those newbies. It takes more years to understand ... and it is a serious business.

Boilermac : So ... do check my last post, I was jokingly said buy Boilermac due to signals given to me by the person I saw during lunch.

Given to my stock-watch ... we bought at 1.40-1.50 level. That man given me the signal, I just need to plan my trade, right? Boilerm at 1.67, hit 1.70(SELL) today. Thank you.

Going to nap .. while waiting ...

Last call : those interested with my trading workshop tmr, do contact me at

By next week ... greed will be back. Retailers who just lost so much or stuck, will put their fear aside ... and once they are back ... it is time to sell to retailers again. And the cycle continues ... FEAR&GREED.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thu 23-Oct

Morning ... lost at home 0 - 3 to Real Madrid. Sigh ... simply outplayed. Putting that aside ... market is opening ...

Work-space ... I have not created my personal workstation for trading. Been floating ... moving around, even to café/pastry shop ... so, it is time to get a little serious and discipline. Will create two work-space ... one at home and another at office. It is a MUST if I am going to take trading seriously. Yes, I am willing to spend money on these ... to improve my knowledge, to improve my working environment improve my trading. Tools ... something I have been not using fully to my advantage ... forums, something I have abandoned, which I should spend little time to read to learn from there(bear in mind, forums are noisy places ... we need to know how to filter).

Then ... activating my is another possibility ... to record my trades(good and bad) and I will create a member-only section where only my stock-watch members able to access to my trades. Time to get busy .. getting these ready ... for another year 2015. i believe I will be doing better as years passed ... as I more aware of what is needed, and what is not.

ok ... will continue here ... will blog the way I was ... where I edit regularly "live" ... those reading from i3 will NOT be able to see any updates(you may read direct from my blog rather than i3, ya.

Time to go ... 8.45am ... FKLI opening ...

HWGB : New low ... want to rant about it later. haha

9.55am : KLCI up 8points at the moment. Taken profits from my recent long at 1801.

Armada : Sold again at RM1.50, will buyback RM1.47 ... or else it might break 1.50 today?

Hapseng-wa : Q to sell 2.52 this morning, done. It hit 2.55 as mommy hitting new high. Take a look at Hapseng chart which I shared in my group

Got to go .. tuition class 10am.

12 noon : Done with class ... hungry. Time for lunch soon.

Workspace : I m creating my own workspace ... this is office.

Armada ... sold 1.50 and 1.54 ... been collecting at 1.40 level. Since it has broken 1.54, I bought back some at 1.56-1.57 ... closing for lunch at RM1.60 now. Check later...

2.30pm : Back home ... had home-cooked lunch by wife. Nice. Now, waiting for second half ...

My position I created not good for workspace. So, will rearrange it so that it is NOT facing a wall, but with strong wall behind the back.

Alam : Going to see I could take the trade today

6.35pm : KLCI so bullish, up 14.46 points. Wow. Suddenly they forgotten that KLCI donw 130 points and MANY retailers still stuck there? Cut-loss few weeks ago and going big last week was a good strategy, right? No?

Well ... somehow it is easier said than done. If one is stuck in front of forums, how are they going to profit as they are influenced by 80% losers retailers there? So ... think again ... if u really need to make noises in forums, that is your time. But, if u r newbies and novices ... who wish to improve, then I will suggest that you leave the noisy forums ... and learn to do your own analysis. Learn the fundamental analysis first ... then talk about technical.

Inari : Reaching back to RM3 ... yeah ... from RM2.05 I bought? I know I sold way too early, and was heavy in O&G.

Yinson : Great rebound ... we bought at 2.40-2.50 level .... today sold RM2.84 done, with 2.88 is my resistance. When oversold and market selldown like crazy ... it is a buy? No? Something is missing here. And I told my whole group Yinson is the best chart I have seen ... since TWSPlant when it dived? TWSPlant was taken private.

Armada : Such a nice rebound .. breaking my 1.54 this morning, and closed 1.63. Anything up too much is a SELL to me. Retailers will be coming in soon ... will be glad to sell to them. This is one chart I will share with in my workshop this weekend.

BJToto : I started to buy at 2.50 ... all the way to 2.40. Sai-lang ... buy as big as possible. Sell in stages ... a no brainer ... no need chart or brain. Just buy and sell. Today is RM3.70. How is that? Too bad, I sold too early again. I will initiate a sell call to my group tmr ... as it rebounded well. Use the funds for something nicer ... not much upside after shooting too high.

Elsoft : I missed this fella ... hmm ... bought 1.20 level and sold 1.30plus, then it came down .. today flew off!!

This Sat and Sun will be my cohort-13 ... my trading workshop. I will share how I trade, using basic charting and indicators. Those still interested, please let me know ...


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

21 Ways to Achieve Wealth and Success

October 17, 2014

In his book, Rich Habits -- The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, Tom Corley outlines several habits that distinguish the wealthy from the non-wealthy.

It got me to think, How many people operate on autopilot and don’t stop to monitor their everyday patterns? Below I've summarized 19 of his habits for success (nine culled from his book and the next 10 from his recent article in Success) plus two of my own. If you're not actively engaged in these 21 things, you are, in effect, leaving money on the table.

1. Setting good daily habits. Good habits are the foundation of wealth building. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people lies in their daily habits. Simply put, successful people have many good habits and few bad ones. If you understand that your bad habits may be preventing you from becoming wealthy, that realization will be the first step in your improving your circumstances.

In his book, Corley invites you to take out a sheet of paper and list your bad habits in one column and then invert each one to place under a new column for good habits.

Then for 30 days, follow the guidance of your new good habits list. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

TEH : Ok ... will be listing out my bad habits, which might affect my effectiveness as a trader. For example, need to sleep early and wake up early before market opens. Or I need to exercise ... keeping myself fit is very important. I have not been cycling for 1 month plus ... excuses given was my red-eye ... so, hit the track again more consistently. Distractions is another thing I need to control ... to keep focus. Many little bad habits I do have ... and deterring myself to be a BETTER trader. Yes, I need to do anything possible to give myself the edge ...

2. Regularly creating goals. Successful people are goal driven. They create goals all the time. They plan their day the night before with to-do lists.

People who are headed for success think for the long term. They have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. But what’s a goal without a plan to reach them? So not only do successful people have goals, they also come up with ways to achieve them and hold themselves accountable.

TEH : I do need to re-fine my trading goals ... and have a to-do-list planned the night before my trading day. I do need to get into this habit, if I am to trade well. Nothing comes easy ... so, I need to be consistently checking on my trading goals ... yes, planning is everything in trading. Planning on how to improve and to trade well ... planning on the progress and check-list on achievements. It is a marathon ... which majority retailers will not understand. Most of them wanting a quick profit(who don't ?)

3. Engaging in self-improvement daily. Successful people are always looking for ways to improve themselves. They read every day and are students of their profession. They don’t spend their time on activities that don't bring them closer to their goals.

I recently attended an event hosted by author Brendon Burchard, who said he consistently blocks out time to create. Successful people like Burchard know that time is too valuable a commodity to waste. They spend their time on the things that will move the needle for them in their business: Being committed to self-improvement means you engage in activities every day that will stretch you.

Seek ways to expand your knowledge. This won’t always be easy, but people grow from things that pose a challenge. Once your knowledge grows, opportunities appear.

TEH : This is my daily activity ... I will get myself motivated, staying positive ... read anything related to trading, spending time to increase my knowledge about trading, understanding that it takes time to connect the bits-n-bits ... the more I know about instruments and how it works, I am opening more opportunities for me to explore ... it takes time. And ... lots of determination.

I have spent hours and more hours ... listening to clips related to trading. It excites me much more than any movies ... and I have to force myself to move-out ... and watch some movies. It is a force ... and it is not easy for me to sit there 2hours watching Transformer or Pacific Rim?

I could sit here for hours ... commenting on each of the habits shared here. But, I will prefer to listen to the list .... and check on which one I am lagging behind. Yes, I was to be successful trader. I want to be independent. It is very challenging and I simply enjoy that.

Time for me to check on my trading plans ...



Trading for living

Episode 1

Episode 2

Do listen to these simple clips for few times before thinking of trading for living. It is definitely not for everyone.

This weekend I will have my short trading workshop and could share with those registered on how I trade and some basic knowledge needed if we are to trade ...for ourselves.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Put Warrants of KLCI

Recently ... as KLCI diving down, many ''promoters'' taking the opportunity to talk about the put-warrants. This is an un-known instrument to most retailers. Heck ... it is a gambling instrument for us to buy into it.

Many may have heard of call-warrants(and get burnt in it too ... and lost ALL when it expired with premium .. don't worry, it is rarely that a call-warrants will expire at a discount(in-money)) ... and it you don't know that these are NOT companies' warrants, then you should NOT touch them at all. It is issued by local broker houses, to earn money. Yes, when we trade ... win or lose, the IBs earning money. They are the one laughing ... as we all trade. Sigh ... I might as well be remisier or dealer myself, or own the bank rather than trade. Sure win biz ... haha.

Ok .... here I m going to show some of the hot put-warrants of KLCI. It is tracking KLCI and if you think KLCI will go lower, you will BET on these put-warrants.

KLCI-hb : Issued by CIMB in July ... with 1 year tenure ... so, expiring next July. Issued at 15cents(standard for structured warrants). Low at 8cents (when market bullish) and high at 19 cents(last thu when KLCI dived).

IF KLCI successfully rebound, this put-warrants will be dive.

So, could we use it to hedge? Probably ... but, I do not understand the mechanism. So, I will avoid.

If we need to hedge or trade the index, one could consider FKLI too. Yes, we may long or short the index. I am still learning more about it ... but, it is definitely not for majority retailers. We need to be strong technically and able to make decision rationally, which most of us retailers fail badly. It is a big-boys game ... when index being pressed down ... and pulling them up!!

 Anyway ... just avoid the ha, hb, hc and so on ... those are put-warrants.

Time for lunch ... and more classes.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Post # 2918

It is Monday now ... what a dramatic ending, with LUCK ... they beat AirAsia. Saw Tony just now when QPR equalized in last minute.

RHB's talk : It was a last minute change .. instead of attending the talk at RHB, I went to Bursa instead. Well, it turned out that the talk at Bursa was similar to the one I attended last Saturday at Taylors.

You can see that more seniors than young ones ...

Nothing much ... except stating that the current KLCI could go higher and the target 1940 still maintained.

So, recent selldown is seen as opportunity to BUY.

Top pick by Jack : SHL

SHL : Support at RM3.14.

Will want to post more of the slides which I have taken. Perhaps during the deepavali off-day.



Sunday, October 19, 2014

王力宏 - Can You Feel My World




Can You Feel My World
Can You Take My Hands

Can You Feel My World




Rap:I keep on comin' back for more yo
跑不掉 逃不了

一直率 一直撑着我再一次祷告

Can You Feel My World
Can You Take My Hands

Can You Feel My World
并不想讨好 你才觉得我重要

Ni zhi xi huan wo wei xiao
Ni jue ding wo de xu yao
Wo yao ze me shuo cai hao
Wo bu shi wei ni zhi zao

Kai xin xiang shi ni zao
La zhu wo wan xia tiao
Ai shi piao liang kou hao
Tou kuo ni de shi jiao
Ni ba wo de xi hao
Shui bian shan diao
Bian chen ni yao de diao tiao

Ni wei wo hao
Wo zhi dao wo dou zhi dao
Wo de fan nao wo de jiao ao
Ni que bu ming liao

Zhen yang ai ni cai hao
Bi jing hei bao xu yao zi you ben bao ..
(bu neng man zu yu yong bao)

 (i keep comin back for more)
Can you feel my world
Zhen shi de wo mei ban fa wei Zhao
Can you take my hands
Zhen chen ni hui gan jue dao

Can you feel my world
Zhen shi de wo mei ban fa wei zhao
Bin bu xiang tao hao
Ni cai jue de wo zhong yao(wo yi dian dou bu zhong yao)

Ni zhi yao wo you li mao
Qi ta jia zhuang gan bu dao
Wo yao ze me shuo cai hao
Tang wo de qing xu di chao

Rap- I keep on coming back for more yo
Ri ri ye ye wo bi zhe shuang yan qi dao
Wei she me zhi you wo de ying yue neng ko rang wo yi kao
Wo zhi dao wo de shi jie yi jing bian de yue lai yue xiao
Bao bu tiao tao bu liao
Zhe me mian dai zhe wei xiao

Zhe me mian dui zhe ni cai hao
Zhe me yan lei dou zai tiao
Zhe me zhui du zhe hao yan su
Zhe bu shi ku zhe jiu hao
She me xuan lu zai wo de nao dai yi zhi zhuan yi zhi rao
Yi zhi li yi zhi cheng ze wo
Zai yi ci dao gao
Bang zhu wo

Note : First time listen to this song ... attracted ... this is MY taste of songs. I will be listening to this song for few weeks till I know how to sing the whole song. It is not easy as I do not read Chinese ... and the rapping part ... will enjoy.

This is how I do things ... tho difficult, I will enjoy the struggle and ... reap the rewards. One day, I will sing this song ... like I know the song so well, and many even thought I am Chinese-ed ... and young? Haha.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stock Watch : BJCorp

AJ : Someone, AJ, asked me about this stock. Since I just bought it(again), then ... ok. Please do not ask me about your stocks. Normally, I wont reply as I m in no position to give any opinions on buy-sell. Please ask your brokers/dealers or whoever asked you to buy BJCorp what you should do ... buying at above 55cents.

BJCorp : I have given this chart to my stock-watch group on Wednesday when I saw the bearish candle, heading to strong support. BUY call was at 46-47 cents, with cut-loss if below 45cents. The low was 45.5cent.

Some managed to grab at 46-47 ... and now closed at 48. Hammer formed at support. Nice.

Why BJCorp? On 26th and 29th Sept, some one pushed the price up and MANY retailers jumped in. Well, it is being promoted by someone in forums. So, those newbies and greedy retailers might possible to jump in on those two days, believing in the stories. Now, technically it was a STRONG SELL at 60cents resistance ... if you do not even know that, trading is NOT for you. Also, if you do not know this is VT's counter ... then, you should NOT be in market at all(just being honest).

If you do not know that forums are for people to promote stocks(for THEIR benefits), then ... you must be naïve or simply too greedy. No one should be blamed. Please do not blame the ''promoters'', your remisiers/dealers ... please be mature and not to blame VT, ok? We are the person who click the triggering point(buy or sell). Please do not blame us, blogger ... I am just answering someone who asked me as he is stuck at 55cents. As he asked me nicely, I m trying to reply here without being sound ''offensive''. Try to learn the lesson ... learn the way how stocks move ... how forums is being used to push(up and down) stocks ... or some bloggers writing about some ''under valued" counters. Please learn to take responsibilities, ok?

Trading stocks is only for mature people. It is a serious business where it is involving MONEY. Please do not be emotional due to losing in stock-markets as you are just the 80% around. If you are still in forums reading what stocks to buy, believe me ... you need to re-read my Jesse Livermore's latest post ... yes, without learning ... no way you could sustain for long. Don't worry, with the current correction, many retailers stuck and get burnt. Some margin-calls triggered ... the mood so down when I went to RHB's talk this morning.

I do wonder ... why buy BJCorp without any understanding of fundamentals or technical? Stock market is NOT for lazy people to earn easy money. BE HONEST to yourself. Hanging in forums will have more bad influence than good. To USE forums, I just need to go to check on the noises. Seriously, before I bought Inari ... I checked on the fear level in forums. Forums full with newbies, novices and retailers. So ... they will express their emotion (huat ar ... or die-la) and I used it to my advantage. I do the opposite ...

That explained too why I could escape the current sharp correction by selling 2-3 weeks ago, asking my trading group to sell ahead of the disaster. This week I asked them to buy(good stocks only). Yes, sai=lang ... bought back much on Thu and Fri. Imagine ... without selling, cut-loss ... do I have the funds to be so greedy and buy-buy-buy ... while saying bye-bye-bye 2 weeks ago?

I don't know if anyone going to buy BJCorp on Monday. I do know that I am a trader, and will sell her at resistance around 54 cents.

By the way, I do buy BJToto at cheap sales now. That you could consider as it gives good dividend Not BJCorp, the mother ... ok?

Disclaimer : this is not a buy or sell call.

Add yourself in :

Time for dinner ...


Friday, October 17, 2014

RHBs post-budget talk

Top picks by RHB
Trading Gallery, RHB Centre, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur

Time: 9:00AM to 1:00PM

Topic: In what direction will the stock market go with the 2015 budget?


9.00AM • More Trades. More Rewards.
9.20AM • EPF-SPA.
10.00AM • Tea Break.
10.30AM • Post Budget Economic Outlook.
11.15AM • Post Budget Sectoral Update Stock Pick.
12.00PM •Trading and Hedging in Futures Market.
12.45PM • Lucky Draw.
1:00PM • End.


Mr. Eric Lee Kuan Eu – Deputy Director of Regional E-Broking
Mr. Alan Lau Kwan Ngai – Senior Manager of Retail Broking
Mr. Peck Boon Soon – Head of Economics
Mr. Alexander Chia Hock Lon – Head of Research
Ms. Jillian Lau – Senior Executive of Regional Futures Commodities

Contact Mr Wan Amirul at 03-9280 2337 / Ms. Ranie at 03 – 9280 2705 or email to for more information.

Register your seat online:

 I am going to another talk tmr morning but need to leave before 12noon as I do have class at 1pm. See if I could know few traders there and listen to their opinions.

Will be updating the talk in my facebook group :

Nice trading day today!! Going for nice dinner.


Stock Watch : Caring

The company is good ... people working there are good people. They do care.

But, unfortunately ... the stock going into new low.

The IPO price was RM1.25. Par 1.00.

Broken RM1.60 level, now is freefall to new low ... trading at RM1.53. Those holding the IPO at RM1.25 might be taking profit now.

But, those who have bought at much higher level, say RM2 ... need to wait to see RM1.25?

Caring : Been watching since listing.

Will wait for RM1.25


GST stocks in play?

Censof : Do I need to introduce her? Every retailers knew about her ... interesting killing yesterday, now up a bit to 50cents ... anyone CHASED at 60cents above due to the GST? And listening to promoters in forum about how good Censof is? I don't know ... what I do know, logically ... if we like her at 60cents, we will love her at 50cents today. And it it goes to 40cents, it is too good to be true .... and we put all money in there? So, do decide ... why do you buy at 60cents? WHY? That requires THINKING .. to think, we need brain-cells .. not those greed=fear emotion. Emotion is our weaknesses ... admit it or not. The earlier we recognize that and focus in mindset, emotion control ... the better we could be. But to do that, it needs NON-normal mindset ... and lots of work.

Ifca : A GST play ... or our we being played out? If the neck being cut at 37cents, we shall be look at 28cent. If we like her at high level of 50 cents just days ago(thanks to the hype of budget-GST and many blowing pipes in forums), then at 28cents will be deemed as cheap? I didn't check the fundamental part, as I didn't participate in recent GST stocks in play. Will check on her again ... if 37cents support broken.

YGL : Playing on hot-news of GST .. promoted in many forums ... so, what is up? Dived from 30cents ... and support 21 cents. Need to hope market sentiment to recover, and yeah ... they might goreng her again ... just hope the descending triangle wont be formed. Breaking 21cents is cut-loss. If one could not exercise cut-loss, then ... be a long term investor, and see if GST news will be in play again and again ... next year?

I do not check on others.

By the way, buying Inari yesterday RM2.05 was good, right? Hmm ... now is RM2.25. Think risk-reward.

Need to go for some sundry-shopping ... off


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trading Workshop : 25th and 26th OCT

This is to inform that I will be having a trading workshop for two afternoons, next Sat and Sun (2pm to 6pm).

We will be learning how to trade, how market works ... how to analyse charts using simple indicators. One will learn to plan ... and join the tratles trading group for discussions and more.

If you are a newbies or still losing money, and wanting to learn more ...

For more info, contact me at

Hear from all.


Breaking 1780 today?

Inari : traded her this morning ... was waiting at RM2(LOL) but it opened RM2.04. Grabbed 2.06 to 2.15, sold 2.13 and 2.18 done. It hit 2.19 high for the day. Will wait later to see what to do ... zzz...

I went for lunch ... and taken two pictures to share in my FB. Haha ... yes, don't know what to buy with cash in hand ... look around for signs!! haha.

Weida : Spotted near just now ... while waiting for traffic-light to turn green.

Broken 1.60 level on Monday, rebounded yesterday but ... now is RM1.56. Yesterday low is RM1.51 ... so? so? can buy or not ... the LRT-construction site already giving me ''hint''? hmm ...

During my lunch .. saw another hint!!

Boilermac : At 1.56 now, breaking 1.60 today? Good sign to buy? so?

Ok ... KLCI opening, dropping below 10points again, 1774.

Inari : bought RM2.05 again done ... checking closing later.

to cheer everyone ... here is a nice song from the leng-chai. like the music ... hehe



DOW minus 400 plus

It has been loooong time since the last time we see such selldown. Great. Getting excited now ...

Many more new low ... more gap-up, perhaps margin-calls ... perhaps, we could see some panic selling in the morning. This should create some panic-selling ... and KLCI to go way below 1780?

we shall watch in few hours time ... night and sleep well.

note : thanks to those who came for my e-meeting.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bear Day : Feel the fear yet?

KLCI dropped further ... free-falling for many counters.

Now, do u know why I sold all my penny-stocks 3 weeks ago? Do you know why I need to cut-loss and clear so many counters 1-2 weeks ago? Started to buy into market due to fear around ... also need to clear?

I do know many are stuck in many stocks. Many retailers who were on HIGH simply a month ago, no longer smiling? The logic is there ... newbies will never be able to understand RISK. They are very remorse and quiet now. Hmm ... if we still find noises around and in forums, then market is not bottom yet!

Newbies ... yes, referring who are new in stock-market ... who just came in 2014, will not understand what is hitting them. Cut-loss now might be too late or too sharp(honestly, I feel very sorry for those in huge losses ... just take it as a lesson, ok?) ... then, many started to ask around what to do.

I am sorry ... I am not qualified to give any comments on anyone's stocks or portfolio. I received few e-mails now, asking for my opinions on their stocks or seeking advices. Sorry if I do not reply. Most of those penny lousy-stocks ... who am I to ask anyone to cut-loss? What is market recovers sharply or that lousy stocks being goring again?

Listen ... we took 3-4 years to get our degree. WHY are MANY retailers THINK they do not need to learn first before going into market, and paying such a painful lesson? Where is the logic of many, when we knew 80% of them in markets losing money? How many times have I written about these? SO SO many times. But, if u think retailers bother to listen, to read around or learn ... u r wrong again. These are emotional games that majority cant take. They do not use LOGIC when they go into market ...

That is why after 6 years ... I am still a novice, and more years to come for me to experience another market crash and survive ... then I could move up to intermediate level.

Newbies ... those less than 3 years in market ... choice is clear. Learn first ... diligently for 3-5 years, then only consider market when it crashes. The red-blood is not much yet ... many have went thru the roof, few hundreds percent? Hmm ,.. what? cheap and under-valued stocks?

Do you feel fear yet?

Here, I m feeling sorry for many who have huge paper-losses. Either you want to take learning seriously, for 3-5 years .... or simple advice is to quit. Never mind about the losses ... market is not for majority.

Let me quote Jesse Livermore :

"The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the man of inferior emotional balance, or for the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor."

If you do not even know or heard of Jesse Livermore, you must be VERY new or plain lazy to read. Then, to be straight and blunt ... quit trading is a good choice.

"...the fruits of your success will be in direct ratio to the honesty and sincerity of your own effort in keeping your own records, doing your own thinking, and reaching your own conclusions."

If we cant be honest to ourselves and keeping our own scores, who will manage for us? If you refuse to THINK (thinking needs brain-cells, I guess) ... then it just shows lack of commitment to learn.

Ok ... I m going to have another e-meeting with my trading group. Yes, I do get very busy when market is diving.

Trade well and exercise cut-loss.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oldtown : Nice downtrend

This post is only for newbies and those interested to learn.

Learning Corner : Down-trending stocks

To explain lower high, lower low ... a sign of DOWNTREND for charting, I am using Oldtown as an example.

It is obvious moving lower and the red-line is our 20MA. As the chart is below 20MA, we can say that it is downtrending. But this stock, Oldtown shown rebounds each time it goes lower. Yet, the rebound(HIGH) is lower than the previous one. While it goes lower, it creates new low.. and the low is lowering. We called that lower-low. Some just put is short as LH and LL.

It is a NO to trade this kinda stock and also not good for technical rebound. We could only wait for the stocks to go sideway/consolidate .... stay flat for a while and see the bottom. Then, we could only consider entry if it moves up(reversal) ... perhaps.

I have created a facebook group for learning purposes. It is NOT for anyone to ask which stocks to buy or sell. For that, you may want to join my stock-watch closed group. Yes, I prefer my own private space.

I am willing to teach newbies ... and novices. As I am still in my own learning stage, I never claim myself as sifu or master. Those judgmental ones giving me names, titles and such, that is their rights.

Be open and we will learn more ...

Note : I am very excited as many in reversal soon. Be greedy when others in fear? Easier said than done.

Ok, got to prepare for my tonight's e-meeting about ''technical rebound''.

Trade well.


Monday, October 13, 2014

e-meeting : Technical Rebound

KLCI closed below 1800, next support will be 1780.

I am planning to have an e-meeting 9pm to 10.30pm(tmr night) for those who wish to LEARN how to check stocks which diving sharply. It is to BUY these stocks when market is so bearish. Yes, it is technically ... using charts and indicators. It is shopping time, when there is fear. And for those stuck, this will be a good platform for me to share my opinions.

Those interested, please add me at :



Breaking support : Inari and Elsoft

Inari : Broken RM2.85 strong support, free-falling now.

ELsoft : Breaking 1.37 today? At 1.33 now ... hitting 1.31 low just now.

More in the list where they are free-falling now once the strong support broken.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Waterfalls to watch

Airport : At RM7 now ... will check at RM6.20

FGV : Closed at RM3.44, no bottom seen yet ... but a contrarian can consider her. One of the very beautiful waterfall. Bottom fishing?

GAB : Down about 40% from the peak now ... is the oct-fest on? That might help the sales. Will check at RM12.

JTiasa : A special mention here as it was bought by KYY at around RM2, it went up to RM2.70 level ... now is back to RM2. Can we start nibble at current level? If we are investing, and bought at RM2.70 level ... at current RM2 is deemed as cheaper valuation. So, investing is for longer term ... buy in stages and sell in stages.

Seal : When it was at RM1.40 level, someone in my group mentioned that someone told him this is under-valued. If RM1.40 is under-valued, I will be extremely excited now as it is diving to86cents now ... checking her at 75cents next week. NO ... if a stock price has doubled/tripled or more, it cannot be under-valued. If it is known to public, it could not be under-valued. That was my logic. Retailers are the last of persons to know about any under-valued stock. But, it could be traded if it is hot-ly discussed in forums. If it is in forums ... means, there is a runner(someone being used to tell stories to cook up the stocks, in order that the operators can distribute to ignorant retailers and newbies).

YeeLee : At support 1.40 support now ... another two black candles ... it will be great to trade.

I am planning for a short talk(online ... so anyone with internet at home could attend) about ''technical rebound'', learning to catch these knives. If you are stuck in some of such stocks, one could learn to buy at lower level now. Add me in the facebook :

If you are newbie, you are most welcome to join.