Monday, September 01, 2014

Stock Watch : JTiasa and MudaJaya

JTiasa : When KYY mentioned he bought at RM2.04, it rebounded and went all the way up to RM2.70 ... CPO was rebounded sharply then too ... from 2200. Today, CPO is going below 2000, it is 5-year low at current level. Yes, CPO is oversold ... tracking soy-bean prices. How will this CPO price level help JTiasa. JTiasa is not a main plantation counters ... but a huge timber-player.

When JTiasa was trading at RM2.62 in the beginning of July, RHB maintaining their BUY call, with target price at RM2.95. So, from the chart ... RM1.95 will be a good entry as we are having a RM1 discount, right? By the way, RM1.95 is CIMB's target ... latest RHB's target is RM2.41

AMMB placing BUY call with target RM3.16 ... so, we have 2 - 1.

Plantation counters not in favour ... so, I have avoided and sold all my plantation(and related) counters.

Mudajaya : Closed 2.16, broken the important RM2.20 support ... I will need to check why there is such a sell-down. It must be the bad quarter reports or such. Then, perhaps some IBs downgrading her ... etc etc. When a stock dive in such a manner, something must be on ... so, we must check before we catch a knife? I am seeing this a trading opportunity (besides my Armada and Ecoworld).

So ... where do I start? Begin with 'bursamalaysia' website to check on announcements.

bad quarter report(as expected)

see ... the EPS from 8.50 to 0.62. That is bad. So the sell-down.

Reported of share buyback too. Do check the bursa site.

Next will be ... checking Mudajaya at i3, as Mr KYY might be writing something about MudaJaya as he invested in it. By the way, he is the founder of the company. A highly respected person ... so, I will seriously consider MudaJaya as I trusted him. Being a trader, we need to follow the 'SM'.

Then ... check the broker reports ... those target-prices many retailers interested. That will take me another 1-2 hours.

If the stocks diving sharply, check the noises made by those regulars in forum ... especially the losing-money part. Some might curse ... blame somebody else. Some never-heard-of forummers will start to emerge, to voice their displeasure due to losing money. Many more negative remarks will be thrown to reflect their disappointment. I do use forums to check on noises.

Time for dinner ... and hope to continue ...


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Andrew Leong said...

What is your conclusion after studying on Mudajaya?

Would appreciate if you could share your thoughts on this.

Personally I feel the sell-down is overdone, too much negative sentiments on the ground especially for retail investors. Yes, the bad results will entail a price drop but a sell-down as such is abit too much.

Let me know what you think, cheers!