Friday, September 19, 2014

Stock Watch : FGV

Since listed in 2012, this is the dividend given by FGV. For 2014, total dividend is 16cents. It is trading at RM3.50 level now.

This is the weekly chart since listed. It is obvious that it is way below the IPO price now. If not mistaken, it jumped 20% during the first 1-2 weeks it was listed. All the Felda workers no longer working ... but happily jumping up with the price of FGV's stock.

This is a daily chart, showing new low everyday ... we can start to buy in stages(catching a knife?) or wait for reversal signals.

I do know that CPO is trading at low-range now ... but, why is there such a strong selling in FGV? I wonder ...

Time for bottom fishing?


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