Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Stock Discussion : JCY

JCY : In 2011, I went to a market-talk, the 'expert' asking the crowd to SELL off JCY, and target about 20cents. It was trading at around 30cents level. If we got JCY at IPO level(RM1.60), then wouldnt it be too late to sell at 30cents? That bad piece of news ... how bad HDD market will be etc etc(ipad hitting Malaysia).

Fine. JCY actually recovered from 30cents to 40cents ... to 50cents ... to 60cents ... from Sept 2011 to Dec 2011. Now ... they were talking about "Thai flood" news. I do remember I traded JCY when it was on the way up ... it was crazy and it continued to move beyond 60cents. By Jan2012, it is reaching RM1 ... guess what? Someone in i3 was recommending JCY as a strong buy, deligently giving all the information to i3-forum kaki ... to furnish them with insider-news etc etc. JCY will be up to RM4, at least ... according to him.

In Feb 7th, 2012 ... I written about manipulation of JCY and I was shot by him. It was trading at around RM1.40plus and to me ... the risk is too high to chase. MANY in i3-forum believed him ... and jumped at RM1.30-RM1.40 levels.

I shared this short story of JCY with my e-meeting last night, letting some of my new members to know how risky it is to follow forums, especially if we are new to stock-trading. MANY out there are selling stories ... to push up some stocks. Trade at your own risk ... and remember, use LOGICAL common-sense, which not there when we trades in markets.

His last message was 18th Mac ... then, he changed his nick 3 days later!!

That new nick last message was at 16th Aug ... just days BEFORE it dived. Interesting case-study on how stocks being pushed up by using a public-forum.

There are still many such stories ... but I do admire the 'runner' on how he convinced many in the forums, in believing his analysis. bravo. fantastic.

Should we follow the hot-stocks and smart-money? Hmm ... technically, we should. Ride on the uptrend ... with news and many retailers jumping in. BUT ... we need to put a stop when it is too hot.

Since I was shot-down by him on 7th FEB, I quit writing about JCY ... thought of telling retailers how these runners work. If one if emotionally hooked(never fall in love with a stock and always place a cut-loss point when buying a stock) ... they could not be alerted, anyway.

Yes, I do recieve an e-mail from a person who bought at RM1.35 but stuck ... when it dived below RM1. The JCY-informer is no longer there to be reached. He felt cheated. I did not give any advice but just trying to console him ... that is stock-market. Welcome to the world of speculation.

This is the current chart of JCY ... 2014 ... 2 years later. Trading below 70cents, I didnt read about the issues about workers in their johore's factory. Perhaps, Thai-flood news is back since we are nearing year-end?

I rest my case. Just trade with our own plans. Learn how to plan. Learn from experiences.


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Good piece of eye-opening advice