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Stock Analysis : Tommy Page

Let's say ... we heard of a name of a company. We do not know anything about it. We do not even know if it is public-listed ... or just a subsidiary? So, we want to look into more into it ...


Yes, the easiest way of finding more.

So ... I am looking for a person named "Tommy Page".

Ok ... he was a singer!! And more info could be found in wikipedia!! For investing, investopedia is one of the very good info-site to look for terms etc etc.

I do like Tommy Page's songs ... some, not all. The popular "A shoulder to cry on" is one of the most dedicated song during that year. What year? I cant remember ... wait, I will ask uncle GOOGLE.

From wiki 

When Page turned 18, he was asked to write the theme tune of the film Shag and later released it as his first single. Page's self-titled debut album was released by Sire/Warner Bros. Records in November 1988 and contained hits such as "A Zillion Kisses," "Turning Me On," and "A Shoulder to Cry On".

There you are : wiki said it is NOV 1988. So, will you take the word in total OR check again from different source?! You should!! Then, we could go to youtube and see if the song is uploaded? If no ... too bad ... go to 'Victoria Music Center' to check if they still have the CDs. Or search the www ... we might find something.

Wiki is kinda reliable, but if we get the info that a company XXX listed in KLSE or just a subsidiary, we SHOULD do another search. And if a borker report say "BUY", we should THINK and do much more homework.

The follow-up album, Paintings In My Mind (which was dedicated to his grandmother) gave Page his first and only No. 1 single in the U.S., "I'll Be Your Everything," a song that was written with and features New Kids on the Block. Other singles from the album that were released after that were "When I Dream of You" and "Turn On The Radio" (another New Kids on the Block collaboration). The album also featured "Don't Give Up on Love," a duet with Latin freestyle singer Sa-Fire. Sa-Fire & Tommy co-wrote the song, which was released as a single overseas. The two currently remain close friends.

Ok ... we read about the lines above, we may want to know more about companies "New kids on the block" and "Safire" ... these might be proxies ... might have similar shareholders and direct/indirect interest. What does that mean? Hmm ... as we are a total newbies, we might need more time to understand that and how it could relate to the company we are interested in, Tommy Page. By the way, I do like some of the songs by the groups.

Page's third album was titled From the Heart, and his vocals there showcased a wider range with higher notes than previous efforts. On this album, the ballads were more orchestral. Tommy cited the songs in the album were inspired by the current music trend of Wilson Phillips. The first single, "Whenever You Close Your Eyes," saw Page working with Michael Bolton and Diane Warren. "Under the Rainbow" and "Madly in Love" were released as singles afterward. As an appreciation to his fans in Asia, Page released another album, A Friend to Rely On. It contains the duet with Sally Yeh as mentioned above as well as a remake of Nik Kershaw's "Wouldn't it be Good" and a song penned with Donna DeLory (Madonna's backing singer) called "Heaven In Your Eyes." As house music was the current trend, the upbeat songs were produced in such form.

So, the third project the company Tommy Page involved in ... was inspired by Wilson Phillips. Then, we better check on the company named Wilson Phillips. Which sector are they in? Is that what Tommy Page has ... to model Wilson Philips? Can they succeed ... ?

Well ... Wilson Phillips being popular-ed by the product named HOLD ON.

Then ... they came out with another project of theirs, RELEASE ME. That is contradicting ... one moment, we supposed to hold-on ... the next thing we know that we are asked to release-me.  We could suspect that Wilson Phillips biz-philosophy is not consistent. Could Tommy Page modelling a not-so-right company for their 3rd project?!

yes ... the third project seemed to fail ... and Tommy Page was de-listed. He has not been active since then ... till ... 2010 ... he is still active behind the screen.

In 2011, after a successful stint as an executive at Warner Bros. Records, where he helped to shape the careers of Michael Bublé, Alanis Morissette, Josh Groban, and Green Day, among others, he joined Billboard Magazine as publisher. He held that role for two years and was responsible for the successful relauch of the brand. As a publisher he created new features such as the Industry Icon Award as well as the infamous Power 100 List. In April of 2013, Tommy Page joined Pandora Internet Media as Head of Music Partnerships. He leads the Artist Partnerships, Branded Content and Events Team. As of November of 2013, Tommy still performs concerts around the world. He performed two shows in Indonesia to a well attended crowd.

wow ... he helped to shape few large companies!! great person, indeed ... I mean, great company.

Thank You for reading my posts ...

Thank You to my aunt Sk for raising me up ...

And wake me up when September end ...

Hope we could have a Green Day ... err ... Green Month, I mean.

Conclusion : Tommy Page is not fundamentally strong company. It was IPO-ed well, shot up few hundreds percent ... and due to bad management and high gearing ... it was finally de-listed. Do our homework before we check.

Listen to your own risk (to your ear).


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