Sunday, September 14, 2014


I was searching for "stillness" ... and chosen this simple photo. Guess I like the "water" ... the lake. Observing my mind ... my liking and preference ... I could only think that I am the only person to understand myself. Me.

To understand ourselves ... as we all might have read, is the first step we could have a happier life, a more meaningful lives ... we should understand ourselves. That is ... deep.

If we could not understand our-own-selves, how are others going to understand us? We could always look for external sources, someone to understand us, but it is never out there. It is inside us. We have to explore our own needs, our own desires ... our purposes. No one could ever understand us ... more than ourselves.

Asking ourselves ... why are we in stock-markets? WHY? Because we thought we could profit ... earning some money there ... or even, we could get rich?

We do need to ask a basic question on why we are in stock-market when we read that the statistics showing that 80% of them lost/losing money? What makes us the 20%? We could always be confident that we are not the same as those losers(in markets) as we are smarter, wiser ... or whatever.

Understanding our own risk-appetite is another very essential in trading or investing. We may not know what it is to lose money in markets. Many of times we learn it the hard way. We wont listen to those so-called more experienced ones ... as we thought we are different(and smarter). So, we do not view risk as what others see it ... yes, we all are different and have different risk-appetite. If we take those high-risk speculative counters(stocks without much fundamentals and purely being pushed up/down for operators to earn huge money in shortest of time) ... then, it will be OK if we know our risk-appetite.

I still feel that understanding one-self is very much needed and we are all lacking in such. I could not claim that I have fully understood myself, but I do know the hidden side of myself, where I have not explore.

How do we explain why we are in stock-markets, knowing that 80% of them will be in the losers side? It is incredible ...

If I have the time ... I will be glad to have one-on-one appointment with traders/investors ... and ask them few basic questions such as "What makes you bein stock-market?" ... "How long have you been in stock-markets?" ... "Have you attended any training or those workshops?" ... "Are you in the top 20% winners as markets been bullish for 5 years now?" ... simple basic questions that need honest answers?

Yes, I do wish to do a simple survey ... and hope to publish my findings. I am very curious on how much we understood ourselves as we thought we do?

Back to my stillness ... as I that is what I like most. I like to sit on a place, facing a still lake ... for hours, reading a book or two, while playing those favourite sentimental songs. That is an ideal moment for me. Yet, it is very rare occasion ...

So ... is that what I really want? I do wonder ...

Stillness ... as I defined it ... sitting to watch sun-set or sun-rise ...besides the sea/lake/river. So, I will go to Sepang GoldCoast few times a year, to experience 'stillness'. Is that what I really want?

My mind is wandering ... and could not write. What I could think of is ... sea. I have wanted to retire nearby beaches and a small apartment in Sabah, by seaside. Perhaps, I will consider Kuantan or LangKawi too. Penang is too congested, too crowded for me.

I am dreaming again ...


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