Tuesday, September 02, 2014

SEAL : Sealed with a kiss

SEAL : A gap-down ... when at 1.34 level, I have asked all the members to sell SEAL ... as TA showing not good. When it broken 20MA, that is a sell. The gap-down is due to not so good report.

Losses : Need to check WHY losses there ... it is one-off kinda issue?

Now, if we believe it is under-valued ... and bought at RM1.30, buying it today at RM1.10 is logical ... and perhaps we should buy more at RM1. That is dollar-averaging on under-valued stocks. At current moment, it is trading at RM1.07.

Listen to this old nice song ... perhaps we need to say goodbye to the summer?

For fundamentalist, it is a strong buy when the stock is trading way below the 'true intrinsic' value ... hmm ... I am still a trader, seeing what is cooking for SEAL. It is downtrending now, certainly need to be more careful.

For buy-hold, I will only look into those giving good dividends or those mid-cap growing counters, with good track records. Large cap is preferred too. So, SEAL is a trading counter, imo.

Trade at your own risk.


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