Monday, September 22, 2014

Good and Bad Habits of Smart People

Morning ... it is Monday blues ... and I m feeling it.

I know I m no longer rushing to 8am class ... it is that feel when Liverpool lost, and this is consecutive two losses now : vs Villa and WHU. sigh.

Then, I didn't realize that I was wearing 'blue t-shirt'. So, I took a selfie. haha.

Ok ... let me see ... KLCI is not going anywhere ... so, let us listen to songs, read some books and take a nap?

Listen to the clip above.

My IQ was around 125, the last time I tried online-IQ-test. It was comprehensive and paid-version. I tried few times and that was the average. So ... ok, average IQ is around 100, I m slightly so-called higher IQ than average. So what?? Simply because I m very good in Math? By the way, the IQ-test consist of 6 parts ... I could easily failed in the ''language'' section. haha.

I was NOT good in Math during my younger age, before form 4. But, I worked extremely hard ... doing Math questions in daily basis for hours!! Silly me ... but, I was persistence. I do not want to be seen as ''bad'' in my Math grades. I have mentioned many times on how I worked my a*s-off during my form 4 ... to be good  ... then, excel in Maths.

Persistent : That is the attitude. I am very persistent in what I m putting my focus in. I have mentioned many times too how I started to be in KLSE merely 6 years ago. VERY persistent and learning in daily basis. Still do ... so, I m a persistent person. once my mind is set, I will put my efforts on it ... I can write a whole blog-post about PERSISTENCE

Set Goals : Yes, I do ... and I don't mind sharing with others. When I said I m going into stock-markets, that could freak-out many closed to me(my family) ... and I shared my trading goals here for past 6 years?? One new reader may read my posts written in 2008-2009. I have evolved. Haha ... ok ok ... 76% more likely to achieve my goals. So, I am going to write few blog-posts on my goals!! I wont mind the whole world laughing at my goals ... as constructive comments will give me good ideas and majority (80%) of the population are non-achievers, losers in stock-markets ... hmm ... so, if they laugh ... we shouldn't bother, right? Just share our dreams la ...

Avid readers : Yes ... I have more than 100 financial, trading, investing related books ... I do NOT read all, NEVER pages by pages, of coz. But, I scanned thru ... read pages that will make me to THINK. Do read.

Self-discipline : That is difficult to define. But will be glad to write about my lack of self-discipline.

Think about thinking : That is me! Haha ...

I do not drink OH-group or do drugs la. Unless Panadol is a drug, caffeine is a drug ... i m on drugs too zzz.

got to go ...


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