Monday, September 15, 2014

Get out of E : easier said than done.

It is Monday ... yes, Monday blues for me as Liverpool lost. Sigh.

School holidays ... and it is time to bring kids to jalan-jalan and play-play. I do still hv classes, tho I hv left my full-time teaching job. Students will be going for their final exams ... so, still kinda busy with classes.

Yes, I bought this book ... I do like the books written by the author, not because she shared same surname as me ... but, her easy-reading books are 'funny'.

Dollars and sense book ... for those interested to know how to be 'kiam-siap'. Another very kiam-siap book is by CAP(go google it).

I am going to meet her ... and ask for signatures. Yes ... I do support local authors. Writing a book? Me?? Err ... no, thank you. I like writing this blog ... un-structured, un-planned ... no restrictions(well, there are many fine lines that I need to toe ... such as, I wont like to comment on politics in Malaysia, nanti kena sedition-act la ... or I could not comment on those speculative counters, nanti kena shoot by runners leh).

Ok ... put those politics aside ... and those stock-market comments away.

We shall plan on where to go for a break? If no where better, I know I will end-up at Sepang Goldcoast again. That is my hiding place.

Yeah ... leaving my full-time job is a good choice, tho I m slowly adjusting to the ''missing of classroom teaching''. The workload was tremendous for the meagre pay. The amount of paperwork could easily drowning me.

Each time my kids having holiday, we do not. The holiday schedules for college and primary-schools is different. Some private colleges require the lecturers to take leave even if they do not have classes to teach. It is not true to say teachers have lots of holidays. For private colleges, you may ask me for further details. We have to mark papers during that so-called holiday period. Most of the time, we will be more stress than normal teaching days!! Thinking back, it scared me off ... and luckily, my ''dream'' of leaving my full-time job ... fulfilled.

The E-quadrant that I have learnt ... the E-S-B-I ? Yes, when I was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah ... in 2007 ... I read about it and plan to leave E quadrant. So, I moved back to KL ... and escaped the E recently.

Write down the pros-cons of being employed(E) and being self-employed(S). Plan on it ... I gave myself 5 years to be able to do that. I took 4.5 years of being back in KL ... slightly earlier than my plan of 5 years. I couldn't take the stress thrown to me anymore in the colleges .. besides the pulling factors. It is more free to be able to just give tuition(Maths) and having a more flexible working hours. I am fully into S now ... S = self-employed. We still need to work, exchanging our TIME = MONEY. To me, I like S rather than E.

I could do my own work, at my own pace. I could listen to songs!!

I believe many employed will like to come out from there ... venturing into S or B. While I m moving into B(my tuition centers), I am still very much into S. It will takes me another 5 years(my goal la) to be able to let go of my S fully ... and fully into B, while my I-quadrant will give me passive income. Then, hopefully ... if I m still around, I could be financially free.

To be financial free ... it just means we have more than our expenses, even if we do not need to ''work'' anymore. I m still have long way to go ... but taken the first very important step ... get out of E(unless one is highly paid, above RM15k per month ... with monthly expenses RM5k ... in my opinion).

I have my mind set ... use much lesser than we earn. Frugal, if u want to put it that way. I used to be an idiot(used more than earn). Haha ...

So ... if one wishes to escape the E ... start with being ''frugal'' (kiam-siap ... I m not, actually. haha). MUST clear off all debt(credit-cards, personal loans).

ok ... this is what I have done ... I could only share what I have done(right or wrong).

Step 1 : Must willing to work hard, while learning a skill.

I was broke. I was teaching in KK. I was new in KLSE. 2008. I worked hard(college plus tuition, everyday till nights). I learned to analyse fundamentals of companies, I learned technical-charting. Market 2009 recovering well, great profits ... and been continuing to learn the skill. Now, the trading skill becoming so valuable.

Step 2 : Pay all high interest loans, and start saving. Be frugal.

Uproot from KK. Came back to KL, to learn more. Increase tuition-classes. Continue to be very frugal. Start to pay off my credit-cards(got 3 of them) ... and cleared all 2 years ago. Cleared personal loans too. Took a personal loan of 6% p.a, put inside my trading account. Profit more, continue to put the saving(surplus) into trading accounts.

Step 3 : Invest in ourselves. Invest.

Went to trading courses, workshops, market talks to learn. Continue to learn and invest in myself. Met many good experienced traders and shared opinions. Continue to do that. Invest in ourselves is a must but never pay thousands for those so-called professional courses. I went to few 'sifus' and find them MUCH better than those thousand-dollars courses. Learn FA ... learn TA. Invest in myself.

to be continued, may be.

Ok .. time for lunch ... back home to play with kids, take a nap ... and check market again.


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