Thursday, September 25, 2014

Comments on my blog

There are about 15 comments in my blog, and I didn't realize it till just now, when I was resting ... nothing to do much except checking my own dashboard. Arrghh ... sorry for the late ''approval'' as it is not that I want to ignore some of the comments, but I didn't check. Really. I am such an IT-idiot, absent minded too ...

Relaxing ...

Anyway, I will like to reply to some of the comments

On JCY by Dom : Good piece of eye-opening advice.

Glad that you like that ... yes, you may go to the dates I have shown, check in i3(JCY post) ... and you will see me commented there before. As I no longer in i3, I do not know the latest stories there regarding JCY. But, yes ... the post is meant for newbies who might be blindly following some stock runners there. Remember, stories are meant to push up or down a stock.

Got to run .. will come back to reply a few more comments.


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