Sunday, September 28, 2014

Being easy and being right

It is not easy to be right, so it is right to take it easy.

"How to simplify your life" ... reading this book again.

It is not easy ... to take it easy. So, I m listening to move my life into easier ... rather than trying to be right. There is no right-wrong.

1. ENOUGH : Yes, I have more than enough. That is ME .. I m easy to be satisfied. Riding a 'kapcai', makan at kopi-tiam, simple t-shirt ... and books for me to read, internet for me to blog. So, due to my ''enough'' ... I do not have the wants to have more. As I could afford a little better now, say ... to buy a bigger bike(I do like bikes) or having dinners at restaurants ... I do not see it as a necessity at all. So, I still continue to ride my old kap-cai and when I m alone, I will have simple wan-tan mee at any kopi-tiam.

2. GRATITUDE : Yeah ... I always remind myself to be ''thankful'' ... from not having anything much, to more than enough. So, feeling thankful to many around me ... making me a happier person. I do always remind my wife too, as we do not have what money could buy merely 3-4 years ago. Now, she could have what she wants ... kids could have what they want too. Being thankful ... then only we could feel happy.

3. BE YOURSELF : I want to maintain being myself ... and the way I write here, in my own blog. I do not wish to follow other ''styles'' and writing with hidden agenda. Those so-called more professionally written blog. I prefer my blah-blah blog ... as that is ME.

4. PRESENT : This is easier said that done ... as thoughts still in some past experiences and/or thinking of future planning. That could cause anxiety ... so, I need to keep moving ... and stay in present.

5. BE FLEXIBLE : Yes ... something I need to learn and learn it well ... there are nothing I could do to change others or the way they think. I have to accept that ... I could not please everyone, but I should please myself.

6. SAY NO : This is something I need to learn to say ... NO. Being too good to many will take my TIME and ENERGY. So, I do need to protect myself ... by saying NO.

Well ... I have red-eye for 3 days, cancelled classes. Luckily I have postponed the trading workshop(to next month) ... and having so much time ... napping ... and thinking ... I have to decide to SIMPLIFY my life.

It is not easy to stay simple ... but that is the right way of living. Having life too full with tiny matters will drown us ... while we might miss the main matters.

Have a nice week ahead.


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