Monday, September 29, 2014

A good trading day

Scicom : It hit 1.96 higher, before retracing last week and I grabbed at 1.90 average. Luckily many followed ... and for those who missed, today is a buy too ... as it breakout of 1.96. When to sell? See if sky is the limit ... but as a trader, I will sell ... only to buyback, if possible.

SKPres : This is one good catch in the morning 0.64-0.66 ... but I dislike the attention, so I sold before closing price at 71cents. Then, only they suspended the counter!! Something up?

SKPres-wa : I sold at 22.5, 23 cents ... as I bought last week at 20cents level. Then, it breakout of 23cents ... so, I grabbed back 24-24.5cents. Still holding ... will it gaps up tmr? SELL and saying thank you.

PMetal : Simply like the selling volume last Friday. So, I bought RM5.51 ... sold and bought back closing price RM5.85. Well, this morning it was sold at opening price RM6.10, it came down and I bought back RM6.05 average, only to sell again at RM6.25. It went to RM6.37 high ... and I let her go as I was busy with SKPres.

PMetal-wc : Nice rebound ... sold at opening RM4, bought back RM4.15 only to sell at RM 4.28(some bought last Friday with me sold at RM4.28 too). It hit RM4.34 ... but closed RM4.20.

At the moment, I am out of PMetal but it will still be a good stock to watch to trade. This is what I was teaching others about technical-rebound and last Friday, PMetal satisfied most of my rebound play. WHACKED.

GHLSys : I started to trade her when it broken the resistance 1.03 ... then, it gapped up, I sold 1.15. And waited for it to break 1.15 ... grabbed back last week ... and today sold RM1.29.

Add positions to good trades, SELL those lagging and/or not good ones. Ride on the trend.

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