Thursday, August 07, 2014

Working for money ...

It is almost 3.30 pm now ... I need to go for classes after a 'lazy' day.

Yesterday was a very long day, as I have classes from 9am till 9.30pm. Then, I asked in my FB a simple question : Will you work from 9am to 9pm, with 3 hours break? Many responded that they would. Will ya?

As a family person, I will not. 9am to 9pm is too long ... our whole day is in our job!! And for RM500 per day? RM500 x 5 = RM2.5k per week = RM10k per month. Twice in a week, I will have to work from morning till night(classes after classes).

I will prefer to earn less ... and have time for family. So, I stopped my full-time job ... and my daily schedule is no longer 'fixed'.

In the morning, I will bring my son to school ... back home to cycle(replacing jogging after I hurt my knees) /... breakfast at home, and preparing for market opening. By 9.30am or so, I will be more relax ... listen to songs or read books. I will chat with some of my trading members too.

So, without my full-time job ... my income reduced. It has been my second month now, still adjusting to it but i can say ... i do like it now. I am no longer rushing for my 8am-9am classes, not able to monitor markets(this is income for me too) and tiring myself by 4pm or so. Well, just reduce my expenses ... I am ok without my full-time job.

Salary ... normally given in monthly basis ... and if we divide it into hourly, how much are we being paid, actually? My previous teaching job was paying me about RM30-40 per hour class, actually.

Most of us ... working for money. If we are paid RM500 per day, we will shift to THAT job, even if we do not really like it? Will ya? (I wont).

If we are not working for money, then why are we working for? We have commitments(loans etc) and expenses to cover. We have to save for old-age? Inflation ... taxes and more, we are all squeeze and for some, keeping up to the 'nice' lifestyle is stressful enough.

I will prefer to be frugal ... I prefer to stay simple, riding my small bike ... and having things in cheaper scales. One may say I am 'kiam-siap', but I do not think so ... i simply do not see the point of spending un-necessary.

From my previous post of items I have bought ... since I came back to KL(4 years ago ...and I was broke, then) ... I have 'upgraded' many things. So, I am not really frugal anymore?

1. TV : changed to 42" Smart-tv recently. Bought at 30% discount, btw. I was having 21" Sony 20-yr old tube-TV when I was in KL ... then changed it 1-2 yrs later to 32" LED(sold it away).

2. Handphone : changed to Samsung Note 2(after they launched Note 3, and the Note 2 unwanted, I bought). Good tool ... camera, music.

3. Notebook : Just bought another i5-Dell thru online(cheaper) and using it for my mobile trading.

4. Home theater system : Upgraded to Yamaha, from Panasonic(bought a display set, then).

5. Headphone : AKG is good enough, bought some 2 years ago.

6. Shoes : Bought a good 'camel' shoe, a hush-pup show .. to replace my RM20 slippers. they said a good shoe is good for feet?

7. Bicycle : Bought last weekend ... for my son and another foldable one. Not cheap.

few more items ... nothing much. I will still not change my old second-hand bike, my Proton car still working good ... and many things still can be used.

Running off ... as I still need to go to work ... for money?



Asrul SCNC said...

Hi Teh..

mind to share - what is your favourite music? :-)

Alpha Trader said...

bro, if you could teach me, how do you link your blog link to i3 forum? is it automatic?