Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What is hot, what is not.

Tuesday ... raining ... a relaxing day.

Went to Shah Alam for some Kementerian tasks, then ... dropped at Plaza SA for nice drink ... well, not monitoring much ... penny-stocks shooting!!

Well, penny-rally making many penny stocks moving furiously. Yeah ... goreng-time on for many retailers to jump in and out.

Marco : Breakout of 20cents yesterday, I bought 20.5cents ... zzz ...

Keladi : Breakout too ... buy buy buy.

TalamT : Bought 13cents, was queueing for 12.5cents for days ...

GPA : breakout 15cents ... now 19 cents ... UMA soon?

PDZ : really boleh ... really hot. VERY hot. UMA? What is that, bursa?

Sumatec : broken 50cents ... now 60cents ...

Ideal : Well ... shooting so so high, but today(now dived 19%) ... interesting how this is being goreng-ed.

There are many more being discussed in the group ...

What is not hot?

DRB : Today we see 2.13 ... well, market is not favouring these ... with target price given so high, but the recent bad-news about Audi pulling it down? i do like DRB at current level. See if RM2.13 could hold?

FGV : Broken Rm3.95 yesterday, we have last line drawn RM3.82 ... remember the one day event when it went all the way to Rm3.82 in very short-period? CPO dropping a lot ... avoiding plantation-counters.

UEMS : Big-cap property counters not in play ... need to go for micro-cap. Or those counters speaking of intention of moving into property ... re-valuing their lands, that kinda of stories attracting more attention. UEMS? Well ... 1.98 is coming?

As KLCI up 7points now ... many are HOT. Short-terms trading. Avoid those not.

Penang trip : It is confirmed. I m driving up this Saturday morning!! Excited to see many there.


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