Monday, August 04, 2014

Stock watch : Seal and Caring

Caring : They just don't care about their investors ... what is the dive for? without much signals?

Petdag : Rebounded to RM20, sold ... I bought RM18.98 ... just last week. That is a good RM1 profit. Why rebound today? Thanks, anyway.

SEAL : Someone in my SW-group mentioned her as under-valued and I still could not see in what aspect. So, I will check her ... if she is popular, stocks appreciate higher now due to sentiments or sectoral movements in tandem, then it cant be under-valued. Retailers chasing counters ... broker houses (RHB) have a good report on her, then promoted by many ... it convinced me as NOT under-valued. Simple ... just use common sense ... and we shall know. With 80% retailers losing money, how can the herd 'discover' under-value counters, right? but ... it is tradable, so, I will trade her, then.

Well ... I am interested to know anymore under-valued counters in KLSE. Let me know ...


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