Thursday, August 28, 2014

Relaxing day

Good morning ... cool, wet morning today. Staying at home ... alone. Listening to nice song, and going to watch another DVD.

This clip was dedicated to me by a member. Well, I met him during my Penang-trip. Nice humble person ... driving nice car. My first time inside XF. Haha ...

end-of-month ... with students going for exams, I will be more free to be at home, to do my personal work. That is the 'joy' of not being employed ... rushing for 8am-9am classes, and work whole day. Today, I hv the flexibility of TIME ...

12noon ... I will be fetching my gal from kinder, then ... bring her for lunch. The moments spent with my young growing kids is invaluable. A good balance of work-play and family ... that is what I am thriving for.

These day, I do have classes at nights and e-meeting too. But, I blocked my Sundays ... no more classes on Sundays, please. Slowly, I will be letting go the nights and to be with my kids, to guide them in their homework. Yes, it is all about priority of lives.

Since I managed to free myself from the crazy rushing for classes (plus tonnes of paperworks, endless) ... i could feel 'free' from those senseless stress of morning rush, jam ... so, I started to appreciate my new 'freedom', but I do still need to bring in some income?

Besides giving tuitions, I do trade short-term ... earning some small money.

Example : SEAL reported badly yesterday ... this morning, it gapped down, dived ... I bought 1.15 and 1.19 ... too fast, and sold 1.21. Done. It went to 1.23 ... zzz ... I am out, and time to watch movie. Yesterday was Efficien and the day before was PDZ.

Time for "Avengers"


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