Saturday, August 16, 2014

Penang Trip's talk

Morning ... so, travelling to Penang next weekend is confirmed. I have to postpone/cancel some of my tuition classes for that.

I will focus in talking about BREAKOUT as it is the current trend. If one could catch a breakout, that will be great and easily cover the small fees I am charging.

LBAlum : I discussed this during e-meeting on Monday(11th) and posted it to the stock-watch group on Wed(13th) morning as it started to move ... some just grabbed at 74-76cents, but I would rather wait for breakout.

LBAlum : Catching her at 80cents or below is not easy ... it was at 78cents when many in our group alerting it. I was checking on the volumes ... and it shot up very fast to 80cents, I just grabbed the market price. As some sold around 85, I grabbed more at 82-83, actually. I was waiting for closing, and sold half at 87cents. Still keep half ... next week above 90cents? If it is not a good candle-forming on Monday, I will out. Yes, short-term trading carries high RISK. So, do mange that and the emotion ... it should be ok.

So, I will be talking about "breakout" ... and some of the breakout-play I have taken recently ... example, Inari, PMetal .. to the recent Silkhld, Seacera...terday's LBAlum. SMRT still failing to breakout to new high tho I have traded her during 74cents breakout. Now ... we are checking 92cents breakout. Wait.

I need to book a place in Penang, and I will need to know how many is coming by Wednesday. So, those wish to join my Penang's talk ... contact me at

Many more breakouts in the making. Do not miss them.

have a nice weekend.


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Interesting breakout trading strategy.