Friday, August 29, 2014

No eye see : Ideal, IJacobs, Iris

Ideal : At 51cents, dropping about 3%.

Ideal : Today ... low at 49cents ... closed 55.5cents. That is a cool 10% rebound ... wow. Got hope to rebound next week!! is our target 80cents now?

IJacobs : At 43.5 cents, dropping 7% today ...

IJacobs : This one also look nice ... 42cents support ... target is 70cents? great ...

Iris :  At 34 cents now, dropping 7%

Iris : At low 33cents ... some panic-selling, it rebounded to 38.5 ... cool!! Without these interesting counters, KLSE is a boring place to trade?

I will like to write about them ... but today, I am not so free. So, I will see if I could write at night.

Note : If u r reading this post from i3-portal, it will not be updated even if I update it. So, you need to go to this blogspot. I do not go to i3 but was told that my blah-blah blog still linked to i3?


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