Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Networking : Road to financial freedom?

I went to attend a gathering sort-of networking group. Interesting ... as it is my first time I dared myself to open-up myself to 'public' and strangers. Well, I was a loner(I still think I am today ... tho I have changed so much and got to know hundreds of individuals) ... dislike crowds ... dislike hee-hee-haa-haaa ... dislike selling ... dislike salespersons ... and more comfortable being left alone, only with few nice/good company around.

But ... I challenged myself to attend and speak!! Yes, we were given 5 minutes to introduce ourselves. Basically, it is a good platform to SELL yourself!!

For example, a person working in "RockWill" trying to make presentation about why we should write a will and can contact him?

For example, another person speaking about his ".com" biz and where if we help him to sell certain products, we could collect 'points' etc etc ...

But ... what I am selling? haha

This man is our main speaker ... he speaks about "Law of Attraction". Interesting person ... and will be attracted to know him more as he is involving in micro-E to SME. So, I will like to know more about him ... and get to know him. See? The Law of Attraction is working here ...

I am a believer in "LOA" ... focus in what you want to achieve,

I started my 5 minutes talk, nervously about ... saying "Hi ... I am TEH". I was a lecturer for past 25yrs, teaching Math in college level. But, recently I quit my job ... and now doing a full-time tutoring job. With two young kids, it is scary to quit my job ... actually, I am also a stock-trader. Blah-blah ...

I used this concept to explain ... I was full-time lecturer, back in KK with salary below RM3.5k, plus a little from tuition classes, which falls in S-quadrant. That was just 5 years ago. I was broke ... so, I went into stock-markets, thinking of I-quadrant ... as my mindset was shifting to the right-side (B & I). I failed the keropok-biz(B) and lost most of my small capital in 2008-crash (I). 

But ... my determination(do or die?) to succeed is strong than my failure ... I pulled myself up, re-focus and then ... continue to learn. I planned to move out of the E-quadrant 5 years ago(one may read my 5-years ago posts?) ... and yes, I took the plunge 2 months ago!! I did it. Haha ...

Now, I am inside I-quadrants ... and doing well. I hv no intention to move away from I-quadrant ... but I attended the networking group, hoping to struck me ideas or collaborate with others on what I can do next. Markets wont bull-rally forever? We need to move our money/funds out once the fun is over? So ... I am moving part of it into B-quadrant. I am willing to learn from many biz-men(not salesmen) ... how they set-up their biz, risk involved, their ups-downs, experiences etc etc ... anything that I could get myself to learn ... about running a biz, successfully. 

So ... recently, I set-up a tuition center. Great start tho I do face some hiccups. What is next? How to I run it successfully? What should I do to expand? And more ... to learn.

Leaving the E-quadrant is a 'planned' journey ... it is not. To be honest, I never foresee future ... I just keep working on the 'present' moment ... and set my goals, plan ... work-work-work ... nothing else. No secrets ... but I do believe in LOA(Law of Attraction).  I do believe in changing my mindset ... and strongly believe that I have many more things to learn!! 

Pushing myself away from the E ... and now, I am still inside S(giving tuition ... exchanging time with money) ... so, I will be moving away from S in ... 3 years time!! Once I am able to do that ... I am inside B and I. 

Finacial Independence is what I talked about ... in introducing myself. I am not good in public speaking. I am not gentle(LOL) and prefer to speak about facts(rather than fake smiles). 

So ... conclusion of tonight's gathering : I failed. Haha ... I just find the door out after the event rather than staying there to 'interact'? 

By the way, there is a currency-trader(working for a bank) there ... wow. There is another young man who will be sitting for module 6-7 too. I saw a Kenanga name card flying around, but somehow ... it didnt reach me. 

JH Lee : This is my latest bed-time reading ... simple and nice. How he free himself financially ... so, I m interested (and highly admiring) to know how he did it ... and what I need to achieve that? Write a book? Write this blog-post ... err ... do not pay me anything. Just the satisfaction that I could voice out my thoughts ... and reminding myself of my journey ... to financial freedom!!

Wish me luck ... and when 'I am there', I will certainly teach everyone to be 'there' (for free ... but all need to donate to my charity fund, which I will be creating). For now, whatever I talk ... is just talk-only. Actions always speak louder than words?


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