Sunday, August 31, 2014

Merdeka Day : Freedom

Our country is 57 today ... we have progressed, but we are still way behind in many aspects. I will not mention about it ... as I want to find happiness in myself ... and to have that, I have to let-go of knowing how our beloved country being used and abused by many parties ... over the 57 years. Hey, I was not born then ...

Putting Merdeka-Day sentiment aside, I will want to write about a very subjective topic : Happiness.

Each day, when we woke-up ... whether we are ready or not, we have to run-the-day. Are we taking control of the day ... or let the day running us? There is quite a significant difference in the both. If we are to be "happy" ... we want the freedom to take control of our day!!

As happiness is subjective, depending on our definitions ... there is no right-wrong here. I saw a line yesterday "Argument is to prove who is right or wrong, but discussion to find what is right". Interesting. Because the moment we started to argue that ... by doing this-that, I will be happy is too energy-sapping and defeating the main core purpose of being happy! Ironic.

Listening to the above clip ... making us to think about what is negativity and how we could stay a little more positive each day ... activating our positive mind, sharing positive vibes.

Listing down the ingredients needed to be HAPPY ... it is endless. Many of the elements we thought of are shallow and on the surface. For example : I will be happy if Liverpool win the league. Some take 'happiness' in seeing others in pain or losing. For example : MU lost and some Liverpool's fans cheering that.

I do know I will be delighted if Liverpool won a game. But, that is not happiness. That is a temporary surge of cheers in us, not embedded in our heart.

To be free ... that is the road to happiness? Financial freedom? Freedom of speech? Freedom of thoughts? Freedom in every sense to individual? Is that really what happiness is? Do we feel it in us ... and it stays with us for ... long-long time?

So ... let us discuss about one of the ingredient that could lead us to have some satisfaction ... and perhaps, happiness. It is FREEDOM.

Our country is MERDEKA ... that is what it meant. Freedom!! Not control by British or Japanese. Not to be intimidate by other countries ... and free to vote, govern whatever way our elected gov wants. Our country's progress depending on the freedom we were given ... and it could easily that we abuse our freedom?

As I m writing about financial ... I want to write about financial freedom. Something elusive to many of us ... it is just like a dream, something we yearn for, we thought it will bring us happiness? Well, someone told me ... "I would rather cry behind BMW's wheels rather than a Proton's". Haha. He got a point there ... but I do wonder how many of us prefer to drive a BMW rather than Proton? All of us? But ... that is not the point. Are we financially free ... driving a BMW or not? I could be reaching my financial-freedom path without driving a BMW, but to continue to drive a Proton.

There are many out there ... living in debt. They might be well-paid, but they are still employed. To maintain their lifestyle, they have to work. The stress in them ... being translated into more using to money(that they earn) to fill the emptiness in them. True enough ... those who earn more, will use more. That is a rat-race, climbing some ladders ... fittest to stay etc etc. That could be very stressful, but we will rationalize that it is a norm --- to be stressful. Afterall, we are well-paid and expected to be able to cope!! Are we happy inside doing that? We could not ... as we are not ''free''. We have to play by the rules, bounded by rules and un-written rules ... we have to toe the line etc etc. That is why most of us employees could not be free.

When I was being a lecturer ... there are some things I dislike to do. For example : during at Inti, we are supposed to wear a neck-tie. Simply dislike those piece of cloth hangin on my neck, and I have to remember to wear it!! Heck with the colour and matching with my shirt I m wearing. Imagining ... in the morning, we need to know what tie we supposed to put on, matching with our shirt, pants, socks, shoe? Gosh ... I only have a pair of sock and shoe, anyway!! While in Taylors, we do not need to hang ourselves ... phew ... we are a little free. So, a little happier for me. Today, as I m not employed ... err ... I wear simple t-shirt, a jeans or Bermuda-shorts. At home, no need to wear also can. That is freedom ... I know I m not allowed not-wearing anything once I m out of my gate because ... that is "not our culture". I might be saman for indecent exposure. yeah ... this is Malaysia, we still could not be naturalist as it will be seen as disturbing keamanan. Hmm ... I do not mind being naked or join those groups(wear underwear only can la) but why share those clips everywhere, right? So, in term of clothing ... I have the 'freedom' to certain extent.

As employees, we are not free in many senses. Depending on companies, most employees do not have their say. We will be seen as the 'rebellious one' and not in good-book of our bosses, it might jeopardise our chances of climbing up, or our increment/bonus might be affected? So, we toe-the-line.

We always think that we could work till we retired(55 .. now increased to 60) and then we are free from working. But, are we financially free? The cost of living will certainly be higher. The medical fees ... tuition-fees for child(ren) ... daily living expenses. Is our saving and retirement funds enough for us not to work and could cover all our expenses, commitments?

These are questions I posted to myself about 6years ago. The answer is simple : NO.

Financial freedom simply means ... we do not work for money. We do not need to worry about the amount of money in the bank as we have sufficiently enough for years and years to come, even if we do not work. As I m frugal, and also adopting simple living ... it will be slightly easier for me to achieve my ''Financial Freedom" stage. I do not need to drive a BMW ... and I do not need to cry behind Proton's wheel!! Haha ...

So, we all should define our own financially-free state ... start to plan on it, and achieve it. It is a long road ... but it is achievable. Freedom ... many of times, we took it for granted. That explain also why some are not happy, even they are basically free to do many things, or having more than enough ... to be free. They are trapped in their own mind .. their wants, their greed ... their power-craze personality. Happiness is not being measured by the amount of freedom we could attain. It is more of how we feel happy being given the freedom. Yes, being grateful, appreciative ... thankful ... will help. Instead of complaining of what we do not have, we should thankful with what we have. We have the freedom ... of ..

I m not a happiness guru. It is something we could not teach others to be ... it is a choice!! But, one of the element to be happy is FREEDOM.

Enjoy the current freedom ... and work towards a goal of financial freedom. MONEY could not buy many things, that is true. But ... without money in current world, we could not be free either?

I want to have the freedom to write ... I do not want to bother about what others might be thinking. That freedom to write whatever in my own personal blog is mine. Tho I know it is publicly viewed(and I still hv to think of those unwritten rules) ... I will still want the space ... and freedom to express.

Being a blogger ... I enjoy writing. My English is not good(I do know la) ... but that is not the point. I want to be happy writing whatever I want, even if I do not have a reader at all. Freedom to express ... in my own words, not bothering about others views ... that is part of my happiness in blogging. Without ulterior motives, without arguing with others ... I want to feel the freedom of blogging.

Yes ... I want this free blog-space back ... and to write more of analysis, slowly I will move to use facebook group. Then, this trading adventure might become my life-adventure, rather. Hehe

Happy Merdeka holiday to all.

God bless.


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