Monday, August 11, 2014

Hot Stock : PDZ

PDZ : Breakout of 18.5 seen ... MARA bought about 18cents, then it went to about 15cents ... before surging above 20cents. I was a little late to grab at 20cents. And done some intra-day trading on her, but today I sold all at 23.5(hit 24) ... at the moment at 22.5. I do not know how much Halim going to buy, the remaining, thru open-market even at 30cents? Fundamentally, it is not good ... but it is rumoured that he will want to inject some assets ... or it is moving into O&G? Anything related to such news will move these penny speculative stocks. As traders, we can take short-term positions in them.

Penang-trip : I am still in planning stage to go to Penang (23rd Aug) to meet some of my members, and will be have a short workshop there, for few of them who are interested. Those interested could contact me too (

Got to go for classes ...


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